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Looking for a Dating app development company which transforms your computer code into a love language ? Welcome to the number one  dating app development company  Deligence Technologies, we have got you sorted out as we are your best app development company for creating classy dating app solutions that are a new meaning of online dating . We craft custom dating apps that build connections, not just profiles.

We write the dating app development code that rewrites the online dating experience. Craft an app with our custom dating app development code  that builds unique connections. We code the connections, you write the love story!

Want dating apps like tinder, bumble and badoo?

Dating apps have evolved beyond the generic options of the past . As a top dating app development company , we recognize the importance of  innovation. Hookup4u, our dating app development masterpiece , isn’t just another app- it’s a combination of the best features from popular dating app giants like tinder , badoo , hinge and bumble.

About Dating app clone – Hookup4u

Sick of the same old swipe-a-thon with zero results? Us too. Deligence Technologies isn’t your ordinary dating app development company . We are  here to assist you build something innovative that breaks the mold and actually sparks connections.

Forget the constraint of common dating app clones. Hookup4u , brought to you by  Deligence Technologies, top dating app development company that empowers you to build a successful dating app that aligns with your unique vision.

You can build your own dating empire. An user friendly admin panel gives you complete control to customize and personalize every aspect of your dating app project .  Whether you’re targeting a specific niche or creating a broadly appealing platform, Hookup4u lets you build the dating experience you envision.

Key Features of our dating app clone

  • Complete dating app development solution

  • Compatible across multiple platforms to reach larger audience

  • Dating app like tinder

  • We Specialize in iOS dating app development.

  • We provide Solutions for Android dating app development.

  • Beautiful dating app design

  • Offers a captivating dating experience

  • Offers Multi-user street view for more interaction

  • Multilingual support for global accessibility

  • We give customization according to your brand’s needs.

Why You Should Choose a Leading Dating App Development Company – Deligence Technologies

Quick & Affordable Launch

Save the time and money by skipping the lengthy development process and get your app to market quickly with a cost-effective solution.

Complete Customization

Hookup4u serves as your foundation, not a limitation. Customize every aspect of the app to perfectly match your vision and target audience.

Seamless Functionality

Enjoy a robust admin panel and smooth cross-platform compatibility for easy app management.

Future-Proof Technology

Built with art of technology, Hookup4u provides a smooth and interactive user experience for your daters.

Don’t Just date, Connect !
Build your own dating app with a top dating app development company.

Trusted Dating App Development Company

At Deligence Technologies, we are known for more than just creating Tinder clones or dating app clones. We are expert in creating a wide range of dating app solutions cater to diverse user preferences:

Niche Dating Apps

Focus on specific demographics or interests, to build vibrant and exclusive communities.

Location-Based Dating Apps

Connect users based on their proximity to each other, facilitating local connections and meaningful relationships.

Interest-Based Dating Apps

Match users based on similar  hobbies and passions to form connections that have a deeper significance.

Dating App Development Services we provide

We are a top dating app development company, We understand the individual vision of each business. That’s why we offer customized dating app development services that are carefully designed to turn your innovative ideas into reality . We don’t just build dating app clones – we strive to break boundaries and create innovative apps that leads to genuine connections and redefine online dating experience.

Cross-Platform Dating App Development

Expand your app’s reach by choosing cross-platform development, Allowing your dating app to function smoothly on both Android and iOS devices. This opens up your app to a wider range of users, leading to substantial growth in your user base.

iOS Dating App Development

Create beautifully pleasing and perfectly designed iOS dating app solutions that provide exceptional user experiences, catering to the specific preferences of Apple device users.

Android Dating App Development

Are you looking to tap into the vast audience of smartphone users with an engaging Android dating app? Trust Deligence Technologies to develop a visually stunning and user-friendly solution that will captivate and delight users.

Custom Dating App Development

Are you looking for custom dating app development services? Our dating app development services are well-known for turning innovative ideas into user-friendly solutions that serve a large audience’s needs. Let us help you provide a personalized experience for your users.

Dating App Design

Invite your crowd with a UI that will be both good looking and catchy, designed by our top app designers. We’ll make sure that your dating app is the first application your users will imagine when they think about your brand and service.

Dating App Support & Maintenance

Protect long-term life and profitability of dating app clone solutions, with our support and maintenance services, that are created to ensure that your app is updated and secure and to compete in the market area.

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Dating App Solutions We Provide

Tinder Clone Dating App Development

Do you want to create a dating app like Tinder? Our team of dating app developers can replicate the popular swipe-based features that users love. Start with a custom Tinder clone app and personalize it later to match your brand.

Hinge Clone Dating App Development

Looking to focus on meaningful connections in your dating app? Our dating app developers can create a Hinge clone app that prioritizes building long-lasting relationships within your community.

Bumble Clone Dating App Development

Give women the power to initiate conversations with a feature of  Bumble clone app. Our dating app developers can develop a feature-rich app that prioritizes female users to take the first step in the dating world.

Badoo Clone Dating App Development

Develop a Badoo clone dating app to create a vibrant and inclusive dating community. Our team of experts dating app developers guarantees a smooth user experience for people worldwide

Happn Clone Dating App Development

Seize the power of chance encounters with a Happn clone app.Our dating app developers can design a location-based system that connects users who have crossed paths in real life.

OkCupid Clone Dating App Development

Build an OkCupid clone dating app that prioritizes compatibility. Our dating app developers focus on facilitating meaningful connections based on mutual interests and values.

Ready to swipe right on your dating app idea?
Partner with the top dating app development company today and let our expert dating app developers craft your next big hit.

The dating app industry is a $10 Billion Business (and Growing)!

Forget about gold rushes, the real action is in the online dating market. By 2026, it’s projected to reach $10.38 billion, driven by millions of users searching for love (or at least a good first date).

Why not be the one to connect those hearts?  With a booming market and a growing pool of potential soulmates, there’s never been a better time to build your own dating app and become a matchmaking mogul!

Dating app development cost got you swiping left? We can help!

Ever dreamt of creating the next Tinder or Bumble? The online dating industry is booming, but with so many options, how much does dating app development actually cost to develop a competitive dating app?

Don’t swipe left on your dream!
We’ll break down the factors affecting dating app development costs, so you can make informed decisions. From basic features to innovative functionalities, we’ll guide you towards building an dating app that stands out and attracts users – all within your budget.

Focus on the perfect match, not the price tag
We offer affordable dating app development solutions

Ready to swipe right on your dating app idea?
Partner with the top dating app development company today and let our expert dating app developers craft your next big hit.

Apps Developed Using our dating app solutions

Why Choose us as your best dating app development company!

Proven Track Record

Our successful portfolio of dating apps demonstrates a deep understanding of the market and user needs.

Dating Niche Experts

We are experts in dating app development , which makes our developers experts of quick user understanding.

Technical Expertise

We specialize in  mobile app development, specially at (iOS, Android or both), which results in smooth and error free user experience.

Visually Captivating

We give Attention to detail ! Our designer is able to make eye catching quality visuals which will get you noticed and make you stand out amongst the rest.

Unwavering Security

We prioritize data security and privacy over everything else in the industry. Making our app safe starts with secure storage and transmission protocols of your data.

Scalable for Growth

In our design, the scalability of our solution is at the top of our mindset such that it is possible for the solution to be increased without difficulties.

Clear Communication

We provide regular follow ups and consistent meetings .To update you on the progress, we unfold you every milestone.

Transparent Pricing

It is very important for you to know 100% what you have.We offer clear and transparent patterns of our pricing models for accurate budget planning.

Swift delivery

We ensure that the app continues its way into the customers hands quickly , but without loss of the quality of the final product.

Post-Launch Support

We provide assistance to run a business smoothly and tackle problems that might appear on the way even after the launch of the dating apps.

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We are the best Dating app development company for a reason!

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear how we helped our clients build successful dating apps!


I recently purchased the Hookup4u script, a complete Flutter-based dating app with an admin panel from Deligence company on CodeCanyon. What has truly set this experience apart is the outstanding support provided by Vishal Sir from Deligence. His dedicated assistance in resolving deployment issues has not only saved me time but has also instilled a high level of trust in his expertise.

Vishal Sir’s commitment to ensuring a smooth deployment process for the Hookup4u script has been commendable. From the initial stages of installation to addressing any technical glitches, Vishal Sir has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the product and a genuine interest in helping users overcome any challenges they may face.



Their team demonstrated not only technical expertise but also a genuine commitment to understanding and fulfilling our specific needs.

Communication: Every step of the way, we were kept in the loop with clear, concise updates. The team was always available to answer our questions, making the entire process smooth and stress-free.

Customization: We were impressed by how they turned our ideas into reality, paying close attention to the details that mattered most to us. The customization exceeded our expectations, blending functionality with an intuitive user interface.

Quality and Professionalism: The quality of the work delivered speaks volumes about their professionalism. The app was thoroughly tested, ensuring a bug-free launch. It’s evident that they prioritize quality and customer satisfaction above all else.

Timeliness: The project was completed on schedule. Their ability to manage time efficiently without compromising on quality is commendable.

Support: Post-launch, their customer support has been outstanding. They ensured a smooth transition and have been proactive in providing assistance and updates.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a reliable, skilled, and customer-focused app development team, We couldn’t be happier with the outcome and the level of service provided. They have not only met but exceeded our expectations in every way. Highly recommended!



Je suis très satisfait de l’assistance technique de l’équipe en particulier Vishal Agrawal, très professionnel et disponible, toujours prêt à aider.

Je vous recommande cette application.

Merci encore Vishal Agrawal



Good code quality and customer support


Excellent customer support, always responds on time with working solutions. Hookup4u code is easily customizable to any individual’s specifications and needs which enabled me to have a working app on the Playstore. Thanking the entire team at Deligence technologies. Great work!.



Great quality app and the design is great. I like customer support most because I am new to flutter and the support I received enabled me to set up everything seamlessly. I give you five stars for that.

I have one request. Please in the next update of the app I suggest you redesign the app such that a new user has to upload a profile picture while signing up and giving other details like age, university, etc. As it is now, a user is able to start swiping other people’s profiles before uploading his/her picture. The problem with this is many users will likely forget to upload their picture. The consequence is having so many avatars in profiles and it doesn’t feel good to keep swiping avatars instead of real beautiful pictures. This is evident in the demo app where there are many avatars instead of real pictures. Kindly consider my suggestion in the next update. Thank you.



This app is so well coded and easy to set up. The instructions are very clear, and the team is really helpful if needed. I would absolutely recommend this.



Best customer support. Beautiful design. What else can you ask for. I would like more features. I’m satisfied



The support is excellent, it feels good and if you do not understand, they provide one-to-one support by contacting your computer, it is the best codecanyon exchange I have seen in my life. Excellent



Amazing code and Support.

Great Job



Is exactly what I was looking for, works as expected and is easy to customize. Amazing job, congrats.



Hookup4U is an innovative and complete dating app code that will redefine your online dating experience. Designed with cutting-edge Flutter technology, Hookup4U brings together the best of Tinder, Badoo, and Bumble, offering a unique and captivating platform to connect with potential partners.

Yes, dating apps can still be profitable. For instance, dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge have made around $3644 million in 2022, and the revenue is continuously growing.

Absolutely! If you possess some basic knowledge of Flutter and Firebase, you can take the initiative and handle the redesign of the app yourself. Alternatively, you also have the option to opt for our complete rebranding package, and we will ensure it is ready for you.

The cost to develop a dating mobile app using Hookup4U code can be broken down into three main components:

1. Complete code price: $69.
2. Rebranding Cost: $399.00 – Rebranding involves changing the app’s name, colors, and possibly other branding elements to align with your brand identity.
3. Customization cost: $24/hour (Hours will be estimated based on requirements).

Launching the Hookup4U app code typically takes around 20 days in the rebranding process. This includes tasks such as changing the app name, adjusting colors to match the new branding, integrating Firebase and other third-party SDKs, and finally, publishing the app on the respective app stores.

In the Hookup4U dating app, we utilize two primary methods to generate revenue: Subscription Plans and Advertising.

1. Subscription Plans: We offer users a range of subscription options, providing them with different levels of access and enhanced features. Users can choose from various tiers, such as free access with limited functionalities, and premium plans that unlock exclusive benefits like unlimited matches, advanced search filters, and an ad-free experience. These subscription plans allow us to provide added value to our users while sustaining a steady income stream for the app.

2. Advertising: To further support our app’s financial model, we incorporate strategically placed advertisements within the platform. These may include banner ads or native ads that blend seamlessly with the user interface. By collaborating with advertisers and ad networks, we ensure that the ads displayed are relevant and non-intrusive, maintaining a positive user experience while generating additional revenue.

Absolutely! If you possess some good knowledge of Flutter and Firebase, you can add more features yourself. Alternatively, you can hire us to implement additional features based on your requirements.

Yes, we provided both audio and video calling features using Agora SDK in the Hookup4U code.

You can get dating app development services from DELIGENCE, the company mentioned in the content.

You have the choice to handle the app publishing yourself if you have experience, or you can opt for our rebranding package, and we’ll take care of the entire publishing process for you.