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CRM Analytics, formerly known as Tableau CRM, is a cloud-based platform that allows users to combine data from many sources, visualize it interactively, and share the results with other users of different apps.

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CRM Analytics is an improved method of giving business users information so they can understand changes in the information and react appropriately.

Insights into your data can be gained from charts, KPIs, and tables found in CRM Analytics dashboards, which are comparable to native Salesforce dashboards. The similarities stop there, though, as CRM Analytics dashboards are far more capable. Your data may be used to build a story, and you can add features like interactions, facets, and filters to make it easier for your team to explore, organize, and even modify the data to suit their needs.

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Why do we need CRM Analytics

Why do we need CRM Analytics

When I discuss CRM Analytics, one of the most frequent concern I get is,
“Why should I use CRM analytics when I already have basic Salesforce reports and dashboards?”

Dashboards and reports from Salesforce can never be replaced. The integrated analytics function is strong, adaptable, and simple to use. It can handle a lot of organizational needs up front, and analysts can use this technology to get great business results. Salesforce dashboards and reports are still useful, applicable, and frequently the first choices for an instant advantage.

  • Users of Salesforce CRM Analytics have the freedom to alter their dashboards to suit their own requirements and tastes. Users can quickly and simply arrange data widgets using drag-and-drop capabilities to create customized dashboards that highlight the key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics that are most pertinent to their company.
  • Users are empowered to monitor performance, measure progress, and make data-driven decisions by being able to concentrate on the indicators that are most important to them thanks to this personalization.
  • Salesforce CRM Analytics provides a large selection of pre-built reports and templates to help streamline the data analysis process. With these readily available resources, customers may get a jump start on deriving insights from their CRM data.
  • Whether creating sales projections, examining pipeline patterns, or gauging the success of campaigns, users may make use of these pre-made reports and templates to obtain important data fast and without having to start from scratch. By saving time and effort, this tool helps users make decisions more quickly by allowing them to get right into data analysis.
  • Salesforce CRM Analytics uses real-time data visualization to make data come to life. With the help of its dynamic and interactive graphs, charts, and other visual data representations, users can quickly spot trends and understand complex information.
  • Users are empowered to obtain instant insights into their CRM data through real-time data visualization, which enables them to identify opportunities, identify possible problems, and react quickly to shifting market conditions.
  • Real-time data visualization improves decision-making by offering a simple and intuitive understanding of the data, which is beneficial for a variety of purposes such as tracking customer satisfaction, analyzing sales performance, and assessing marketing campaign outcomes.Instantaneous Data Visualization
  • Salesforce CRM Analytics uses real-time data visualization to make data come to life. It offers dynamic and interactive graphs, charts, and other visual data representations, making it simple for users to understand complicated

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