What is MeteorJS ?

MeteorJs is a powerful full-stack JavaScript framework used for the development of web applications with quality frontend, backend, and database development. It gained immense popularity because of its simple prototyping nature that allows you to develop modern, interactive, and scalable web applications. Deligence Technologies Inc, is a leading MeteorJs web development company, offering expert services to transform your ideas into feature-rich, high-performance web solutions.

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Features of MeteorJs


MeteorJs comes pre-integrated with all the major front-end frameworks, such as Angular, React, Vue, Svelte, and Blaze. Regarding databases, Meteor is compatible with any database that has a Node.js driver, However, MongoDB is the favored choice among Meteor developers.

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Live Reload

Another great feature of MeteorJs is its built-in live-browser reloading. This feature enhances the developer’s productivity and workflow while developing the application. If enabled, when there are any changes made in the client-side or server side, then the server pushes these changes to connected clients and it automatically reloads the live web page.

Cordova Integration

With the help of Cordova, you can convert your web app into a mobile app. Use the Meteor CLI to build and package your app for deployment on iOS and Android devices. The meteor build command creates a mobile application package (e.g., a .apk file for Android or a .ipa file for iOS), which can then be installed on mobile devices or published to app stores.

Benefits of MeteorJs Development

Full-Stack Integration

It provides developers with a complete package of tools and libraries to create web and mobile applications quickly and effortlessly.

Real-Time Web Applications

Meteor is a popular framework that has a built-in real-time feature at its core. So, when you are creating a web app, you get the real-time app by default.

Less Cost of Development

A cost-effective framework that leverages one code base for desktop, Android, and iOS applications.

Extensive Package Ecosystem

Meteorjs has the feature of having smart packages that make the developing process rapid and smooth.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

MeteorJs allows you to create cross-platform code means it is compatible with all the platforms Ios, android, and web.

Fast Development Process

It uses the same language for both the backend and frontend which makes the prototyping simple and rapid.

Why Choose us For MeteorJs Development Services


MeteorJs is a full-stack JavaScript framework that allows developers to build web and mobile applications using a single codebase. It offers real-time updates, simplifies data synchronization, and enables rapid development with its wide range of built-in features and packages.

Meteor.js offers isomorphic code, real-time data sync, full-stack development, and hot code reload.

Yes, MeteorJs supports web and mobile app development for iOS and Android.

MeteorJs facilitates automatic real-time updates to the UI when data changes.

MeteorJs provides data validation, user authentication, and protection against web vulnerabilities.

Yes, MeteorJs can integrate with other JavaScript libraries and packages.

MeteorJs is great for real-time apps like chats, social media, and collaborative tools.

Yes, MeteorJs supports server-side rendering for improved initial load time and SEO.

While Meteor simplifies development, it needs customization for high scalability and performance.

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“In seeking offshore help I gave 3 companies the exact same 2-week test task. Deligence achieved the highest quality when the code was reviewed by our senior developer”

Shane Schieffer, Founder & CEO, Gusto Technologies, Inc. (USA)

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Theresa Jorgensen, Owner, SixSuitcaseTravel (USA)

“The finished platform performed reliably and demonstrated excellent fine-tuning of the original vision. Deligence Technologies’ clear communication.”

Bill Quimby, President, Tollfreenumbers.com (USA)

“Sanjay and his team completed the job well. They responded to all my comments regarding issues with the work and solved them without complaint.”

James Tredray, Director of JT Creative Media (England, UK)

“Word for Windows / Office 365 JavaScript API Add-On Deligence Technologie’s team member joined the team partially through the project and quickly proved his high level of talent and dedication by quickly meeting our goals and making additional contributions that exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend him, and will be looking forward to working with him again in the future.”

Stephen O'Brien, Founder, Doqumi Inc (Australia)

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Shashank Kouloorkar, Technical Support Engr., Touch Panel Control Ltd (Australia)

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Michael Zetterlund, Product Marketing Director, Ariane Systems (France)