Check Out Some Of Our Success Stories

Check Out Some Of Our Success Stories

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Empowering Businesses to take better decisions. The App displays the compatibility of your business with the Leads & Opportunities/Accounts Business based on Numerology. Numerology predicts the future based on the numbers.



Factile is a free learning platform that lets teachers create engaging jeopardy-style quiz games for the classroom. It's free, easy and loads of fun!


Cure O Tour

Cure O Tour is a Medical Tourism Web Application. It has a robust Control panel to manage doctors, hospitals, queries, and Costs. The app is developed using ReactJs and Django framework. The application is developed for locating doctors and hospitals in a country that....


Animal Vision Simulator

This is an application for real-time animal vision simulation. Animal Vision lets you see the world through the eyes of many animals in realtime using your device camera. Explore your surroundings using animal vision, see the world through their eyes!