Pre-Clinical Assessment Program

HealthCare Industry

React, NodeJS/MongoDB-based Open Source Framework – Meteor

Doctor App’s Pre-Clinical Assessment Program, easy-to-use tool designed for healthcare professionals to evaluate patient health and gather important data during the preclinical phase.

Easy-to-use tool designed for healthcare

Project Brief

The Pre-Clinical Assessment Program (PCAP) is a comprehensive portal designed to enhance the communication and coordination between patients and doctors, particularly for those preparing for and recovering from surgical procedures. This is a portal that allows users to fill in their medical conditions, upload photos, upload X-rays, UltraSound, MRI, CT-Scan, etc. (DICOM Files). It will enable the Doctor to evaluate the state of the patient. The Doctor can view the DICOM files using DOCOM Viewer inside the website/web app.

Doctors in turn can use these portals to evaluate a patient’s medical state, provide comments and recommendations on uploaded files, and suggest potential surgeries or other medical procedures. The portal also enables seamless communication regarding pre- and post-operative care, flight details, and travel arrangements for patients.


The challenge lies to simplify this process, especially for patients who require surgical treatment. Main focus  is to facilitate a smooth journey for patients through pre-assessments, personalized medical recommendation and post-operative care. Challenges include;

  • Efficiently managing and sharing medical information and files such as DICOM images between patients and doctors.
  • Providing a platform for comprehensive pre-operative assessment and post-operative care instructions.
  • Maintaining secure, confidential communication and data storage.
  • Creating an  easy-to-use interface for both patients and doctors.


The PCAP portal offers a centralized, secure, and user-friendly platform to address these challenges:

  • Medical Information : Patients can fill in medical conditions and upload relevant medical images and DICOM files. Doctors can access and review these files using the built-in DICOM Viewer.
  • Doctor-Patient Communication: Doctors can provide comments on medical files with recommended surgeries or other medical procedures, and  can offer pre-op and post-op instructions.
  • Questionnaires and Recommendations: The portal offers pre-op and post-op questionnaires for patients to fill out through which  Doctors can offer personalized guidance on steps to take before and after surgery.
  • Travel Cooperation: Patients can share their travel details  and flight details on the portal, ensuring doctors are informed of their movements and can coordinate accordingly.
  • Reporting and Tracking: Both patients and doctors can access reports and track progress, providing insight into medical conditions, treatment plans, and recovery.


The introduction of PCAP improve­s the experie­nce for everyone­ involved in medical care. It smooths out proce­dures and exchanges:

  • Improved  Experience– They ge­t clear instructions from doctors. This helps the­m get ready properly be­fore their surgery and re­cover well after.
  • Enhanced Doctor-Patient Communication: Doctors and patie­nts can chat securely and directly. Me­dical details flow more smoothly betwe­en them.
  • Treatment Planning: Doctors revie­w files and scans efficiently, ge­tting all the information they nee­d. This allows smarter decisions about treatme­nts.
  • Secure Data : The portal ensures that all patient data, including medical files and personal information, is handled securely and confidentially.

Comprehensive Care: PCAP covers the whole­ process thoroughly. From pre-op preparations to post-op re­covery, it boosts healthcare quality and outcome­s overall.

The portal also offers different reports to doctors and Patients.

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The company is quite satisfied with the result of the project, though ongoing maintenance is still required, the team is responsive to those needs. The company appreciated the direct communication that they have with the team without fear of having their needs misunderstood.

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