ShalomSpace is a Jewish-based meditation app that helps you connect with Jewish spiritual traditions, deepen your faith, and find peace, comfort, and meaning in your daily lives. It combines Jewish teachings with mindfulness practices in an accessible and user-friendly way.

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Project Brief

ShalomSpace is a Jewish based meditation app designed for the perusal of the Jewish culture and enables people to come together for cultural exchange, sharing thoughts, and building connections. It provides a safe and welcoming platform that Jews can identify and express themselves with among others, which in turn builds a strong bond between Jews regardless of geographical boundaries.


However, the success of ShalomSpace is dependent on the challenge of building a user community that will be competitive in the world where dominant platforms exist. Providing a safe and diverse community while regulating different ideas and discourses presents the third challenge. Integrating cultural matters with the desire for innovative changes and adaptability to the shifting user needs and technical developments is necessary. One of the constant challenges of information security is the need to tackle privacy concerns, with data security being one of the measures to be strengthened. Furthermore, maximizing both the scope and diversity of the user base while the platform is still embarking on a quite difficult process regarding maintaining the platform’s identity and values calls for making the best of strategic planning and execution, adding to ShalomSpace’s growth complexity.


As the way of overcoming these issues, Deligence Technologies had started on a detailed development project. Each meditation was carefully and uniquely constructed to prompt and reach the listeners at a spiritual level and equip them with useful meditative techniques for daily usage.

From the technical viewpoint, the Deligence Technologies company focused on creating easy and convenient means of using their software. The app has an intuitive interface which makes it easier for the user to move from screen to screen and to choose between meditation themes and duration. The streak counter helps the users monitor their progress and what they have achieved, which in turn motivates them to always keep up with their meditation practices. In addition to that they provided their customers with offline access, also a  download option for listening anytime, anywhere even in the absence of the internet.


As a result, explore ShalomSpace Features below:

  • Choose from a variety of meditations based on different themes, such as gratitude, forgiveness, joy, and more.
  • Track your progress and achievements with a streak counter and a daily reminder.
  • Download ShalomSpace for offline listening anytime, anywhere.
  • Learn more about Jewish spirituality and mindfulness from experts and teachers.

ShalomSpace is more than just an app. It’s a community of people who share a common goal: to live more mindfully and authentically as Jews. Join us today and discover the benefits of Jewish meditation for yourself. Shalom!

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