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Education is no longer limited to a classroom. Individuals of all ages who want to learn and gain knowledge can get it anytime, and anywhere. Technology advancements in Education have revolutionized the way students are studying. Mobile Applications are an example of technological advancements that help students and teachers get in touch in real-time and make learning more engaging for students.

Now, many schools, universities, and institutions are showing interest in education app development to provide real-time classes to their students. Apart from education institutions, many ed-tech startups are also investing in education app development. Also, the spread of COVID has become a catalyst for educational institutions worldwide to search for innovative solutions in a relatively short period of time. A report by App Annie showed Mobile education applications have experienced a 90 per cent increase in weekly downloads usage worldwide between the last three months of 2019 and the first three months of 2020.

Though the sudden COVID spread has boosted the use of digital educational solutions. But after COVID, education apps are going to stay for long. Educational apps have become one of the best ways of learning new things among students.

So, if you are an entrepreneur of an educational institute or thinking of a startup by launching an education app, then you can’t afford to miss these easy and money-making educational app ideas.

These ideas are useful for both students and teachers as they provide extra facilities and empower them to easily access information.

Let’s have a look at them:

Top 20 Education App Ideas For Institutions And Edstartups To Revolutionize Conventional Ways Of Learning

Top 20 Education App Ideas For Institutions And Edstartups To Revolutionize Conventional Ways Of Learning

1. AR-based Learning App

Augmented Reality provides Real-like experiences to people. Including AR in education apps will help describe concepts which are experimental and scientific in nature. AR in education will offer deep understandings of intense topics and will also hold student’s attention.

Teachers can conduct reality-based experiments on AR Apps to teach students. AR-based apps can also be used by students to learn about the universe, solar systems, and other unseen or untouched elements in details.

2. Private Tutor Apps

Students are more willing to access to hire tutors on-demand for all the subjects as per the needs.

Personal tutor apps help students to connect with best tutors across cities and take classes online. Students through Tutor app can interact with their respective tutors and can clear doubts easily. Tutor App also allows tutors to share notes and study materials to their student and students can ask tutors to review their homework.

3. Language Learning App

As it’s in the name, this app is used for learning different languages. This app is useful for both teachers and students. Language teachers can take classes online and earn income while students who are willing to learn a foreign language can take classes from best teachers.

But in the case of Apps like Duolingo, hire the best language learning team to create games and quizzes to learn languages. Here, the students can not interact with the teachers but can access their learnings by clearing each level. Duolingo offers German, Spanish, French and other languages to learn through games and activities.

You can add a feature here where students can check their weaknesses and strengths to help them focus more.

4. Programming Learning Apps

Students who are learning to program faces difficulties in initial stages and often seek help from other programmers over forums and social communities to get proper guidance and source for their project. Various coaching centres are available for students where they can join and learn programming language but they are time-bound and cannot clear their doubts as soon as it arises. So, Programming apps provide learning solutions for various languages like C, C++, PHP, Python, Java and more. These apps are beneficial for IT sector students as well as professionals to access topics anytime and anywhere.

5. Apps for Handicapped Children

There are not many institutions which provide higher education to disabled students. And even if there are, children have to commute to distant places. So, Any Edu-tech company can consider helping physically disabled children learn and study vast topics from the comfort of their home. They can utilize this app for real-time connecting with teachers and taking live classes, This app provides them a platform for regular learning.

6. Flashcards Apps

Flashcard and classroom applications is an innovative way to learn a particular topic of a subject via flashcards. The flashcards are popular in schools where teachers use flashcards in classroom to answer based on an image or question. Flashcard applications allow teachers and parents to create custom cards covering all important points of the topics in a particular subject. Students can play and check their understanding of a topic. At each right answer, players get points. Prime features of this app incorporate customization of flashcards with audio, pictures, and more. Moreover, it is feasible for teachers and students to learn with eCards.

7. Question and Answer Apps

Unlike textbooks which only has questions and one-liner answers at the back, QA app provide detailed answers to questions every time a student attempt it. In this way, a student can learn a better way of solving a question or can learn from wrong user-generated answer. BYJU’s also provide Q&A feature to their users. A Question and Answer App is developed through which students can find and make the answers ready easily. Students can cover all modules or chapters via an application. In this way, Application help students prepare better for their exams, Plus, a test series for students helps them in their self-assessment.

8. Community Learning Apps

These apps are like any community forums or social groups designed only for students. In this app, students from different universities or schools can connect with each other and discuss a specific requirement.

Few students feel comfortable to interact with the people of the same age, this platform is for such students where they can easily connect and chat with other students and ask them anything related to their studies or project.

9. EBook Learning Apps

An E-book reading app is an app that has various books, through which user or student can easily read a book of their interest on an online platform. Kindle is an example of an eBook App. The app has freemium and premium plans. Some apps also offer audio reading. This kind of app is extremely helpful to the student as they don’t need to purchase or carry books with them. They can easily access all the books at any time from everywhere through an app. User can also highlight and prepare notes inside the application.

10. Dictionary Apps

Unlike DIctionary books, Dictionary apps are handy and provide meanings of a word quickly. A dictionary app helps people of every age group and profession – be it teachers, students, business professionals. These apps are used more often ( at least thrice a day) than any other app. So, launching a dictionary app makes searching words and their meanings simple. And gets high volume of users. It’s better to make dictionary offline available.

11. Vocabulary and Grammar Apps

Grammar and Vocabulary both apps help students get better in foreign languages. And also help students qualifying foreign entrance examination. Including quizzes, puzzles, and word games boost their vocabulary and grammar while maintaining their studying fun and simple. Include visualization tools to help candidates keep a record of their growth, and visual examples will make sure they understand every word’s contextual meaning.

12. Games and Quizzes Apps

Educational App with several quizzes and games, makes learning interesting and eliminate chances of forgetting a topic. This application enables students of all age groups to play games and quizzes related to their subject in education. Games and quizzes of this application include grammar, mathematics, general knowledge, scientific and other higher-level professional questions. This helps students learn and examine their performance better at a single platform. Students can play games and quizzes according to their choices, such as difficulty and category.

13. Student Performance Tracking Apps

These apps are useful to the teacher or the parents. Through the Student performance tracking app, teachers can keep track of all students. The teacher can know the overall performance of each and every student and can take care of the student who most needs help on a topic. And not just teachers, Parents can also know, how their kid is performing in each subject. They get daily reports like results, behaviour and everything related to their child.

14. Pre-School Apps

This app is for children who will join the school or have just started going to school. A preschool app is for children of ages 2 to 5 years. It helps them learn numbers, animals, alphabets, colours, fruits, flowers, and others which help them clear their entrance interviews of a school easily.

15. Exam Apps

This is one of the best educational app ideas and also useful to students. Exam app helps students learn, study, and revise easily in their exam time. The app has a complete course and chapters of any class to prepare students for an exam covering all important topics. Also, this app will allow students to make a plan for the list of tests. It helps them cover the essential thing when attending exam sessions. Students can also connect with their teachers via live or video chat.

16. Homework Apps

Homework App provides reminders to students to remember their regular home tasks which they receive for different subjects’every day. Moreover, they need to complete their tuition tasks as well. To make everything easy for students, you can develop a homework reminder app that will remind them about their homework timely. This app also make students feel accomplished when ticking off the task from the list.

17. Education Video App

Education Video App is like Youtube, where teachers, experts and professionals create short informational video of 10-15 minutes and share it with their respective audience. TikTok has also tied up with experts to launch an informative video on any topic like sketching, cooking, dancing and many more.

18. Self Note Apps

This app is for students as well as for the teachers. We all know our studies are incomplete without any notes. Teachers also make notes for students which help them in the exam preparations. Unlike notebooks, it’s easy to use an app and carry it everywhere. A self note app where students can easily write and prepare their personal notes. With this app. Teachers can easily share their notes with the students.

19. Attendance Apps

This app is useful for school or college students. It is primarily made for teachers because managing the attendance manually on a register book is difficult. Also, in virtual classrooms, teachers can easily mark attendance based on users sign in. You can introduce an attendance app so teachers can take students’ attendance and at every month’s end, they can get the assessment of all students’ attendance.

20. Video Conferencing Apps/ Virtual Classrooms

Video conferencing or virtual classroom apps enable to conduct lectures online for the class of 50 to 60 students at once. This is a highly useful app, especially during COVID. These apps empower students to learn topic from distant and increase regularity of learning.

Ready To Develop An Education App?

Ready To Develop An Education App?

Education apps hold a future and have promising chances to drive investments for investors. If you are planning to invest in an education app now, it will flourish and will offer unlimited opportunities in future.

Educational apps not only are accessible by all but has also shown a high student engagement over conventional learning mediums. So, if you have an idea, Convert it into an app and help revolutionise the education sector.