What is Elderly Care?

Elderly Care, which is also known as Long-Term care, serves the needs and requirements of Senior citizens. It includes assisted living and nursing homes/home care, assistance with daily activities, and taking care of senior citizens’ social and personal requirements.

Why an App/Software is needed for Elderly Care?

Elderly care involves many different parties, starting from the Senior citizen herself, her family members, the nursing home or the home caregiver, doctors, physiotherapists, etc. There must be software where every party can communicate and get the up to moment information.

Are you a hospital/nursing home/caregiver who wants to manage your services efficiently?

We are an IT Company based in Canada with expertise in developing Custom Elderly care Web Apps. There are many cloud-based software available for this purpose, but they have many disadvantages, which include –

  1. You can’t get the software customized as per your needs
  2. You’ll be dependent on the software provider all the time
  3. Your Patients data will be accessible by the software provider
  4. You’ll need to bear ongoing monthly fees

What is the alternative?

  1. Get your Web App developed by an expert like Deligence Technologies
  2. Get it hosted on your server and be the owner of the software and the patients’ data.
  3. Get the complete source code which you can get customized/enhanced in the future by any company.

What are the typical features of an Elderly Care App?

  • Lead Management/Patient’s Initial Inquiry

  • Admissions Management

  • Patient Records Management

  • Care Plan Management

  • Meal Management

  • Medication Notifications/Alerts

  • Activity Tracking

  • Billing and Invoicing


  • Compliance Management

  • Staff Management

  • Doctor’s Dashboard

  • Family Member’s Dashboard

Benefits of using Deligence Technologies

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Get in touch today to schedule a demo.