How can Salesforce Experience Cloud grow your business?

Salesforce announced Experience Cloud In 2020, This Digital Experience Platform is built on the Customer360 platform. But what is Salesforce Experience Cloud, and why does it appear really familiar? Experience Cloud is a versatile tool that helps Salesforce customers reach their customers via digital spaces. Any organization or business can build digital experiences with Experience Cloud by using no-code, low-code, and pro-code tools. Users can create experiences such as marketing sites, corporate sites, customer account portals, partner portals, communities, and mobile apps.

4 Keys Experience Cloud Salesforce Solutions

4 Keys Experience Cloud Salesforce Solutions

  • Partner Relationship Management

  • Content Management

  • Customer Service

  • B2B Commerce

How Can You Grow Your Business With Experience Cloud

How Can You Grow Your Business With Experience Cloud

Experience Cloud, formerly known as Community Cloud, is a tool that enables companies to provide extraordinary and individualized customer experiences.

  • Reduce the loss rate of existing customers

It is critical for any business to use a recurring revenue model. Experience Cloud gives you a portal to engage with customers. It allows the customers to interact with real-time data, but only the actions, records, objects, and fields that you want your customers to see are exposed.

  • Act as a self-help customer support tool

It can act as a self-help customer support tool. Users can search your portal for solutions to problems, use it as a knowledge base, and even source answers from other community users. You will see improvements in service metrics, such as decreased average handle time, increased first-contact resolutions, and lower chat & call volumes.

  • Engage Employees remotely

In a post-pandemic workplace, engaging employees is more crucial than ever. Using the Experience Cloud portal, y our staff may communicate with HR and work together on workflows that don’t require a typical CRM functionality.

  • Easy to manage the sales process

Experience Cloud makes the lead generation process and sales process very simple. With the help of the user-friendly features and tools included in your Salesforce portal, onboard, hire, train, and support your partners.

Benefits Of Experience Cloud

Benefits Of Experience Cloud

For any business need or use case, Experience Cloud is extremely flexible.

  • Security

  • Users Take Control

  • Brand Experience

  • Flexibility and easy customization

  • Various experiences with cloud solutions with no coding

  • Effective business management

  • Third-party app integration

Pros & Cons Of Experience Cloud

Pros & Cons Of Experience Cloud


  • It is easy to set up and pretty powerful. Salesforce provides industry-leading security best practices, so the data is secure.

  • Provide a portal for customers to view data and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Really enjoyed this system for sharing training, submitting documents in our training teams, and for communicating in groups much like Twitter.

  • It works really well with third-party apps and It’s a fantastic approach to interacting with people in your workgroup.

  • Pre-built templates are useful, customizable, and easy to navigate.

  • It allows you to create a truly branded experience for customers.

  • It is useful to be able to gather usage-related data.

  • Experience Cloud sites are mobile-friendly, making sure better customer satisfaction and improving customer retention.

  • The chatter feature is extremely beneficial for alerting co-workers that their attention is needed on a particular case or work order.

  • Salesforce has a great search feature. Finding what you are searching for is pretty simple. You can search by a work order number, customer number, name, contact name, and many other things.


  • It is barely high priced so mostly works better for mid-size or big companies.

  • Sometimes it was very slow.

  • The UI/UX can occasionally be glitchy and difficult to understand.

Experience Cloud Vs Community Cloud

Experience Cloud Vs Community Cloud

Experience Cloud is a digital experience platform that helps companies and businesses quickly build connected digital experiences for their partners, customers and employees. Businesses can create content in one location and send it to websites, portals, mobile applications, and stores anywhere.
Community Cloud – community primarily commodes a forum where people interact. Now Salesforce has provided a way to create sites and digital experiences, and for this reason, Community Cloud is now called Experience Cloud.



Salesforce Experience Cloud is a digital platform that helps companies build connected CRM-powered digital experiences for the customers (Customer Portal) and the partners (Partner Portal).

The updated Experience Cloud allows users to reflect on their brands and extend digital experiences across customers, in addition, to creating environments that might be an interactive extension of a brand. With Experience Cloud, you may create various Salesforce communities that complete many tasks on their own, like checking the status of the tickets.