Salesforce Team up With Hackers: The Bug Bounty Program

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Software organizations ‘getting to know’ their Hackers is certainly not another idea. It assists them with tracking down shortcomings in servers, revealing potential security weaknesses, and getting a superior thought of where to fix the framework. As a matter of fact, Google even owned up to paying Hackers $6.5 million in 2019 to do exactly that.

It’s nothing unexpected that Salesforce are reaching out, particularly as expansive security keeps on turning out to be a higher priority than any time in recent memory. Presenting The Bug Bounty Program: a Hackers based security examination including more than 100 of the world’s top Hackers and more than $480,000 in ‘bounties’ to be won.

The Bug Bounty Program

Salesforce’s Bug Bounty Program started around 2015, and Salesforce was one of the main undertaking organizations of its sort to follow through with something like this. It’s gone through some advancement throughout the long term, presently captivating with ethical hackers to “safeguard almost 100 percent of the organization’s developing portfolio“.

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The most recent Salesforce Bug Bounty program had the option to be exposed in June 2023 at an in-person occasion facilitated by HackerOne, a main network protection organization. As previously mentioned, they united north of 100 decided hackers to ‘break into’ select Salesforce items and reveal any potential security concerns. This meant roughly 220 thought weakness reports and more than $480,000 in bounties – with individual payouts as high as $32,000.

The Worth in Hacking

Not all hackers are just comparably terrifying as they’re every now and again depicted to be in films. They’re not all breaking into government informational indexes or wrecking lives; actually, some of them hack for good.

These are known as Ethical Hackers, and they are security scientists approved to hack items and frameworks to uncover imperfections and weaknesses. They can be an extraordinary resource in creating more tight security frameworks as they’re separated from the product organization – they can roll in according to an external point of view and not be influenced by foreordained data.

Although the occasion is held face to face, there is, obviously, the virtual climate that is where the real hacking becomes an integral factor. This adaptable thought implies that Salesforce can get to ability from everywhere in the world, and regardless of difficulties like exploring different time regions, it’s most certainly up there with expanded, wide-scale security activities.


Salesforce team up work with ethical hackers has proven to be an informative and beneficial security operation for both the hackers and the company. The Bug Bounty Program is certainly a project for good, and as security concerns continue to develop across the industry, this effort is more important than ever.

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