10 Reasons Healthcare Providers And Hospitals Need Mobile Applications

The recent pandemic has put a light on how healthcare should be delivered. A dull and monotonous waiting hall and the long queues to book appointments to meet doctors is something one can not think of now. In recent times, The use of mobile applications to deliver supreme services has become indispensable for the Healthcare Industry. Mobile applications offer more efficient ways of communication, data management, and service delivery. All modern hospitals and clinics have made use of mobile applications to smoothen the services.

According to the research, The global mHealth solutions market is projected to reach USD 213.6 billion by 2025 from USD 50.8 billion in 2020. Thus, Every medical provider who is willing to succeed must offer facilities that smooth the process and offer rich service experience.

If you have a glance at the above Statista Chart, You will see Medical and Healthcare Apps contribute only 2% of the millions of mobile applications available on the app store. You have enough room to grow in the mHealth service delivery.

To give you more clarity on it, let’s look at some reasons why your hospital and clinic need a healthcare app.

Reasons To Consider Hospital Mobile Applications Development

Reasons To Consider Hospital Mobile Applications Development

A mobile application is an effective tool for your hospital brand which can give you a tremendous advantage over your competitors, and build trust among medical health seekers. From booking an appointment, maintaining records to streamlining services, all can be managed with mobile healthcare app.

If you are still not convinced how it can benefit your healthcare services, look at the below reasons:

Smoothens Appointment Booking Process

Think of old times when you need to book an appointment. You had to visit the hospital and wait in the long queues. Even after waiting in those long queues, you never got the same day appointment. So, to save the time hospitals and clinics started taking bookings on the telephone. Telephonic appointments made the process shorter and have cut down on patient’s waiting time.

Likewise to ease the process further, Mobile Applications in Healthcare are introduced. It allows patients to easily check the doctor’s timings and book an appointment from available slots. Patients can also set a reminder to not miss the appointment. In addition to this, it also lessens the burden of the receptionists and help them focus on important work like solving patients queries.

A scheduling mobile app give your patients the power to keep tabs on the available bookings and also to book emergency assistance with the doctor.

Easier access to medical records

With a mobile app, patients and hospitals need not to maintain paper records. Instead, they can visit a doctor and show an online report on an app without worrying of misplacing the report or forgetting it at home. With Electroni Mobile Records (EMR) App, patients can show/transfer medical records anytime and anywhere.

Like our ProSpine Medical Record App that allows patients to upload their surgery records to share with doctors overseas to seek medical treatment.

Easy Bill Payments

Paying Medical Bills was not easy before Medical Mobile Apps were introduced. The Hospital Staff had to manually take payments and maintain a track of patients bills. Patients had to wait in long queues to make the payments. Mobile Apps eliminate the long queues and save the staff time of payment clearance. With Mobile Apps, patients can pay their bills quickly and securely with multiple payment options.

Self Assessment in Remote Areas

In case of emergencies, when patient can not visit the physical place or are in remote areas, they can seek Medical assisstance over an app. With the App, they can make video or voice call to doctors for consultation and buy medicines without visiting the hospital. Patients can easily monitor weight, blood sugar level. Blood pressure, heath beat, cholesterol level etc. to take timely action if it increases or decreases. In addition, they can also get information about important healthcare tips, precautions and guidelines from time to time through In-App and push notifications.

IoT in Healthcare Apps

The Internet of things technology combined with healthcare mobile apps deliver unmatched services. The IOT based apps in smart devices when connected to the advanced medical equipments can monitor the the patient’s body with the vital parameters. Apart from this, medical staff can maintain stock of medical goods with the app which automatically keep updating the list.

Reduces the risk of wrong diagnosis

Mobile Apps eliminates the risk of wrong diagnosis. Since the doctors receive an accurate report of the patient’s health condition on the app, it helps them to prescribe the most accurate medicine with right dosage and chemical compositions. They can store the patient’s records with cloud facilities for their later visits. In case of doctor replacements, The new doctor with the help of accurate diagnosis can make right treatments.

Available across devices

Healthcare apps can be accessed on any devices like Tablet, smart phones or wearable devices. The compatibility on all devices makes it useful to larger audience set and help your staff deliver the best services to them.

Effective Promotion

A mobile App is a great marketing tool. It keeps your users updated on the news, promotions, special treatment offers and much more via a push notification. Using the push notifications, you can share some doctor’s tips with your users of the app. In this way, you can stand out from your competition and promote your services better to the patients.

Brand Reputation

A mobile app can make you stand out in the market when other hospitals and clinics are still not utilizing the benefits of mobile technology. As we shared the stats above, only 2% of health apps are available. If you count yourself in the list, it will build a reputation among your patients that you go above and beyond to provide esteemed services.

In Addition, A hospital mobile application allows you to gather feedback from the patients which helps you determine the shortcomings in your services and come up with better services.

Informed Business Decisions

Phones are no longer to limited to make calls. Smartphones are used everyday by the average human beings to book, buy, make payments or to research on the topic. Mobile Apps are highly useful for doctors, executives to research on new medical services, changes and wants.

An app tailored for medical practitioners can collect varied types of data,and help them share the data across teams to help other practitioners learn new medical cases. Such information can help effectively narrow down options when making executive decisions like in surgeries, new hospital updates, funds allocation, and insurance partners.

Wrapping Up

Wrapping Up

The healthcare Apps have become the need of an hour for every hospital and healthcare service provider who want to succeed in the market. Healthcare apps not only provide an edge over the competition but most importantly adds value to your patients. It has become crucial for every associated person in healthcare to look forward to hospital mobile application development. A hospital mobile app, as described in the above-mentioned points, makes hospital functioning smooth and build your reputation in the market provided you have chosen the best mobile app development team for your app.

If you have made the mind for Hospital App Development, contact our team to know the cost of hospital App development.

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