10 Dating App features to spike App users during the lockdown

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The coronavirus spread has caused incalculable trouble to every aspect of human civilization. The necessity to adopt social distancing had the strongest impact on companies, especially on the dating industry. Because of the lockdowns, Singles aren’t able to seal the deal with a real-life meeting. Further, the requirement to meet only the immediate needs, the search for love would be the last thing on everyone’s mind.

So, how does the dating sector survive in an age of social distancing?

To beat the odds, the dating industry is rapidly adopting the new rules of online dating. The rules of online dating that help people connect more deeply without meeting in person.

If you’ve checked datings apps like Tinder and Bumble, you would know the features they have added in the app to make digital meetings possible. Despite the sudden slowdown, Tinder followed by Bumble were the top-grossing dating apps in Aug 2020.

Also, in the past few months, we have observed an increase in queries for developing an online dating app with features that let people connect distantly via Video Call.

So, in this blog, we’ll be covering the features you must consider to add in your dating app:

Must-Have Features of Dating App in COVID

Many dating apps have rolled out functionalities that make love in the time of social distancing a success. Those functionalities helped them increase the app user volume. We will look at the features which you can add in your app to improve your dating app functionality in COVID.

1. Single Step Login

You want as many people to download and make swipes on the app. But for that, they need to login first. So, the foremost feature to enhance your app functionality is to make single-step login. First-time users may not entirely want to stick around the app. Entering Name, phone number and password every time on login would put them down. Leading to increase in App uninstalls. Integrating third-party APIs of Google and Facebook make login easy and smooth. Further, having restricted access to the users’ Facebook and google account will support you to send updates of the app.

2. Smart Search with filters

Implement smart search that picks users’ keywords instantly. The smart search can be on the basis of interest, hobbies, and demographics. Also, offer auto-suggest on one types a query in the search field to make it easier for them to find relevant connections. Allow your users to search for the people they want on the application. Include plenty of filters and advanced search option to improve the search experience.

3. Location-based settings

The constraint of meeting a far location-based person in a real-life is now an opportunity to date over an app. The location-based settings allow making search adjustments from a person in proximity to a person in a different country. This setting will help people to not limit themselves instead connect and fix the digital date.

Tinder’s passport feature lets you connect with singles all over the world. The feature is typically only available to Tinder Plus and Gold members who pay for subscriptions, but the company announced the feature is free for all users amid the coronavirus pandemic.

4. Video Calling

In the time of Pandemic, when real-meetings are not possible, Video meetings are a big-time saviour! The Video calling feature allows people to set up a video call and get an in-person like feel. It helps them understand the person better before they plan an actual in-person meetup. The live video chatting also allows the person to decide whether they want to take it further or not. People are using Tinder Video Chat for Digital Dates. Hinge has already added a “dating from home” feature that lets matches set up video chats.

5. In-App Chatting

In-App Chatting

Sometimes, people want to chat with the person before taking the conversation further. In-app chatting allow matches to text whenever they want to. Texting is a good conversation starter and a function in the Dating App. Tinder and Bumble reported double-digit increase in the messages sent on the app during the quarantine.

6. Calendar Integration

The calendar integration allows users to manage all the dates at ease. In addition, it reminds them of the upcoming eMeet-up they have in a day. Once the date is confirmed with a match, the plan to meet is taken care of by the calendar. The feature allows the users to know about all the activities they have had planned on the app in the past. The app feature also tells them who they went out on a date with, and who they have planned a date within the coming week. This makes it easy for the user to know who is currently in the dating pipeline and who is passed.

7. Push Notifications

Personalization is the key to driving user in-app engagement. Push notifications send real-time alerts to users. Push Notifications offer personalization by sending only those messages that are users are interested to receive. It could be about the new matches, app updates, change in subscription plans or could be a notification of new text message received from a person.

Leading dating apps like tinder, bumble send notifications of new matches and text notifications when the user is away from the phone or is engaged in other apps. This feature is profitable for business as it keeps its users engaged on the app for long hours.

8. Offline Access

All the leading apps have this feature. Tinder has made offline access of the application available. Reason? Users wish to access dating app even without internet. Imagine the matches are in the middle of eMeetup and the internet got disconnected? This could be annoying right? Offline access empowers users to stay on the app without any interruption and have a friendly date. This feature has not only increased user engagement but also has boosted the experience. Offline access allows them to make swipes and private chat with the potential dates offline.

9. Personal Security and Blocking

Personal security feature protects users from sexual abuse. It allows users to report inappropriate content and messages. Tinder launched a new personal security feature that will help protect LBGTQ+ users, from people who criminalize same-sex acts or relationships. This security and safety of your users is a priority. Adding this feature will build your users trust in your app. Blocking further, let users preventing any future messages from people who they do not want to interact.

10. Subscriptions

In-App Subscriptions let you generate revenue through the app when the user purchases your premium services or other products. This feature let you monetize your app and let you provide more premium services to users. The most often monetization methods used are freemium, premium and advertising. The users who love your app and are engaged to it often opt for these services.

The Bottom Line

The after-effects of COVID will continue to exist for a long time to come. Going out on a date (even after high protection) would be reduced in coming months. If you have a dating app idea or you are already owning a dating app, this is the right time to add these features. These features will not only enhance your users’ experience but will also bring you a piece of the pie in the online dating market.

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