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Node JS /MongoDB Web & Mobile Apps Development

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform run-time environment for developing server-side Web applications. Node.js is usually used in communication apps and Web-based games. MongoDB is popular NoSQL Database. Node.js/MongoDB is used to build large and highly scalable network applications. Due to a wide variety of platform support, Node.js used by Google, IBM, Microsoft, PayPal, Walmart and Yahoo too.

DT offers light weight and scalable apps using Node JS /MongoDB.

Our Technical Expertise

We are official partners of MongoDB.

Node.js and MongoDB are the latest web development technologies that provides an easy way to implement, fully integrated web development stack. Node.js is a leading server-side programming environment works as an alternative of Java and MongoDB is the most popular NoSQL database.

How NodeJs helps in web Application Development

  • Implement client-side services that can interact with the Node.js web server
  • Implement a highly scalable and dynamic web server using Node.js
  • Build server-side web services in JavaScript
  • Implement a MongoDB data store for your web applications
  • Access and interact with MongoDB from Node.js JavaScript code
  • It works as an alternative to Java technology

Reaching us, will reward you...

Node.js and MongoDB together gives an open source architecture with high web performance, fully controlled development process, globally accepted web application, daily conversation via mail, call or chat with error free service at every phase of development.

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