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Factile is a no-cost educational platform that enables teachers to generate captivating quiz games for online and offline classrooms. Factile makes it easy to engage students in studying by involving gamification. It comes in two versions; free and subscription-based. It is created for our client based in Boston, MA and is built on React.

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We have recently launched an AI feature in Factile, AutoGen, AutoGen automatically generates questions/answers for users based on topics and subtopics that they provide. Users can use AutoGen to generate partial or entire games, and then edit as needed. AutoGen can help create Jeopardy games quickly while providing users with a broad range of questions and answers.

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It’s free, easy and loads of fun!


Traditional teaching methods can sometimes be boring for students, making it hard for them to pay attention and stay interested in learning. Teachers are always looking for new ways to get their students excited about studying and make the classroom a more interactive and enjoyable place.


To solve this problem, the team at Deligence Technologies created Factile. Factile is a free platform that allows teachers to create their own quiz games in the style of the popular game show Jeopardy!. By turning lessons into games, Factile makes studying more fun and engaging for students.

With Factile, teachers can quickly build their own custom Jeopardy-style game boards with questions and answers related to what they’re teaching. They can even add pictures, videos, sounds, and math problems to make the games more interesting. Or, if they don’t want to create a game from scratch, they can choose from over 2 million pre-made games on all kinds of topics.

Factile has two versions: a free version and a paid version with extra features.


Using Factile in the classroom has had amazing results. Students say they’re more interested and motivated to learn when lessons are turned into fun games. Teachers love how Factile gets students actively participating and helps them remember what they’ve learned better. It creates a lively, engaging classroom environment.

By using Factile, teachers have seen their students’ performance improve, their classes become more dynamic, and a renewed excitement for learning from their students. Factile’s user-friendly design and huge library of pre-made games have also saved teachers a lot of valuable time that they can now spend on great teaching instead.

Factile has been a success not just in regular classrooms, but also in online learning settings, where its interactive games have kept students engaged during remote lessons.

Currently Factile has more than 2 Million+ users!

To explore Factile, visit: Jeopardy Game Maker

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With Deligence’s efforts, the client has seen a 72% increase in the platform’s user count. The team communicates well, and their quality of work is thorough. Based on the monthly reviews, the engagement is moving forward desirably.

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