Hospital Management Information System (HMIS)

Salesforce Health Cloud uses the power of the Cloud, social and mobile technologies to create an environment that enables everyone from admins to patients to specialists to get the information they need at any time and on any device.

Features that you’ll get in the HMIS


Patients Medical Record

  • Identification Information (Personal Details)

  • Medical History

  • Family History

  • Medication Information

  • Treatment History

  • Lab Results

  • Progress Notes

  • Consent Forms

  • Problem-oriented medical records ( Problems the patient faces, The care plan for each problem, Progress notes as per the patient’s response to each problem)


Health Care professionals and Health Care Staff Records

  • Registration of all the users.


Manage Health Files

  • Patients as well as staff could be able to Scan, Upload and Manage all the prescriptions, test reports, Discharge summaries and access medical history anytime from anywhere.


Hospital/Healthcare Provider Search

  • Provide Details of Hospital specialties / Specialists specialty, the Specialists profile, their success rate i.e Search for healthcare providers/Hospitals by specialty, location, distance, operating hours, and other factors.


Scheduling appointments, Reminders

  • Self service options for scheduling appointments either by patients or by healthcare agents, set reminders, and easy payment options.


Health Timeline of Patients

  • Display Healthcare events in the life of a patient in chronological order or keep track of patient data in chronological order
    (like an event such as health check-up, doctor appointment etc , type of event such as screening, consultation etc., details of each event such as due date and time, all the event details over a specific time period such as from 1st Nov. to 1st January) ( feature can be embedded in Experience cloud)


Communication Channels to Build Relationships and Engagement at Scale

  • To capture communication through number of preferred channels such as live chats , phone, mobile apps and the online forums.


Community Services

  • Provide a safe community portal between carer network participants. Patients can view care plans, communicate privately with healthcare professionals, discover answers to frequently asked questions, and complete forms in advance of appointments through Private Communities. (Experience Cloud)


Remote Monitoring

  • To enable care coordinators to remotely monitor health metrics using 3rd party device integrations and display care observation and remote monitoring charts on patients detail Page. Create personalized care metric targets for each patient, correlate care metric and identify healthcare gaps.



  • Send Queries to hospitals



  • healing at a distance, encompases health care delivery, education, heath care promotion and other factors.



  • Payment and Billing Process



Patient Blood Management

  • Blood management is essential for surgeries, specific treatments , chronic illnesses, and traumatic injuries.

  • To care for patients who might need a blood transfusion for emergencies.

  • Monitoring of Blood Inventory and blood demand.

  • Manage various aspects of Blood Management operations such as handling stock management, expiry date management, proper tagging and classification of blood bags.

  • The history Management of the donor such as the number of times blood has been donated and the detailed history of the donor.

Healthy Diet Management

  • Manage patient specific diet templates for specific problems such as diet in the treatment and prevention of hyperension etc.

  • Patient wise billing of specific diets which are designed for a particular type of patient, which may be added to the final payment and billing process.

  • Centralize Management of all the items related to the general visitors and specific type of diets for specific patients.

Bed Management Application

  • Access to detailed Bed information system while patient admission process(number of available beds, type of beds like single, two in one room, etc.)

  • Track bed status from discharged to clean(such as dirty, cleaning in Progress, finished cleaning, ready) while the patient discharged.

Salesforce Health Cloud, as name suggests is Cloud based which means the users can access it from anywhere and using any device. You also have the power to restrict the users to login using certain locations/IP addresses. You get full flexibility with the level of control that is needed for your hospital.

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