5 reasons why you need to enable dark mode in your existing app

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There has been a lot of hype about iOS 13 major release dark mode. While the list of iOS13 features is long but the Dark mode is a deal-breaker that gave a drastic change to the Apple operating system. It has been requested by iOS users for over years. Dark mode not only makes elements easier to eyes in the night but also has a dramatic look that increases user app stickiness.

ios 13 Dark mode Benefits

But how does this make an impact on you? Why does your business need to adopt dark mode?

In this article, we’ll list 5 reasons why you need to enable dark mode in your existing app.

1. It Gives A Dramatic Look

Quick tap to favorites in iOS 13 maps - Dark Mode

Apple’s traditional bright white look changed to dark-give a new dramatic look to your app. Light and dark color use a different color palette. Colors that go well with a light background don’t work on dark appearance. The dark background uses subtle colors that go well in contrast to the background. Also, the bright color palette on a dark background shines bright and can put a strain on the eyes. Developers need to choose adaptive colors as per app UI that enable users to consume the content for a longer period.

2. Health Benefits

The estimate of 58% of people who stare at the computer for 8 hours and At night, stare at the white screen faces eye strain, blurred vision, and headache. But it’s not just the brightness that affects eyes. It is also the color screen emits: red, blue, green. These colors are in sync with daylight but the problem occurs when we use the screen at night. According to experts, we produce the melatonin hormone that helps us feel tired and fall asleep. Excessive screen time and exposure to blue color can disrupt this process.

Dark mode solves this problem. The mode not only improves visibility for users in the low light environment but also sync and avoid hard-coded colors that cause insomnia.

3. Saves Battery Life

Dark mode on Youtube

Google confirmed Dark mode made in its Youtube app on OLED screen can save up to 60% of Battery life in 100% screen brightness and 14% in 50% screen brightness. The reason behind this is OLED pixel generates its own light. OLED pixels are black thus draw no power and save battery in the dark-themed mode.

Battery life is a simple and most important aspect of user experience. The app is of no use when the device power is drained out. It is crucial that developers give importance to battery life by adopting dark mode.

4. Apple Wants IOS Developers To Implement Dark Mode For Better User Experience

User’s requests and complaints were taken into account when iOS 13 was launched. In order to give users the best experience, Apple wants developers to adopt the dark mode in the iOS app. Apple provides Mobile applications’ designers and developers with documentation on how to support dark mode and sync colors: The color catalog that sets best with the dark mode.

5. Keeps You Ahead Of The Competitors

There are 2.2 million apps on the App store. Apps in your category would be 1- 2 lakh. Apps who have enabled dark mode in their app would be few thousands. So, when you adopt the new features, you are technically in sync with users’ needs and get an edge over your competitors.

Wrapping Up

Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram all the big brands where users spend more than 1 hour are already leveraging the dark mode. There is a visible performance boost with faster app launches, Easier browsing, faster private sign in. In our opinion dark mode is a good option to enhance user experience. Our developers are embracing the mode all the time, and are finding more reasons to stick to all the new iOS 13.

Are you interested in Dark mode for your existing app? Feel free to contact us at sales@deligence.com . We make businesses future-ready with our cutting edge digital solutions.

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