Zoom Charts


ZoomCharts is a JavaScript/HTML library that helps to create and add visually rich and interactive charts in the applications. With the help of minimal amount of code you can visualize your data and let your users notice new insights.

ZoomCharts can be used with any server side language (like - .NET, Java, PHP, etc.) and even with any client side framework (like AngularJS, jQuery etc.).

Benefits of ZoomCharts

ZoomCharts make difficult and interactive data with minimal input and development time with the help of ready-to-go javascript charts library. You can build fast, easy and impressive Javascript charts in ZoomCharts.

  • Big Charts with Little Code : It can simply add few lines of code in the website to make the chart of your choice.
  • Incredible Functionality without investing much of time : ZoomCharts helps to develop the charts from scratch without taking your much efforts in building the charts.
  • Provide Multiple Data Sources :You need not to worry about data from different sources as ZoomChart easily mix different data sources in same chart if it is required.
  • Smart Data Aggregation :ZoomCharts collects data for you. Provide data per day, ZoomCharts automatically aggregate the data of weeks and months etc.

Functionality of ZoomCharts

  • Data Filtering : The best function of ZoomChart that if you want to select one or several data points to view specific data just click on one point to view one data set, or shift+click to select multiple at a time.

  • Cross Chart Connectivity : ZoomCharts display multiple charts which are based on one data set. All charts which are connected get respond to data filtration and made in any one of them, and therefore it constantly show filtered data in each chart.

  • Use Multiple Gestures to Navigate : Charts made in ZoomCharts can easily navigate just by using of gestures on touch screen devices or on your mouse - just drag your finger or mouse to expand the timeline, tap or click to view one data point

  • Handles Big Data : ZoomCharts is designed to visualize and work with large amount of data. Based on the navigation the necessary data can be pulled up according to the viewer.

The most different way to show off your data

Give it a try to ZoomCharts..so that you came to know what things are are missing abiut ZoomCharts. Everyone is impressed after choosing ZoomCharts - Powered data visualization.