Vue JS


Vue.js is an open-source progressive JavaScript framework for developing user interfaces. Vuejs is the popular Javascript front-end framework that was build to simplify and systematize the web development. Combination of projects in Vuejs is easy as compared to other JavaScript libraries because Vuejs is designed to be an incrementally adoptable. This focal point of Vuejs make it the most adoptable framework among web developers.

As the pronunciation of Vue is View, like that the core library of Vue is focused on the view layer only, and is easy to pick up and can combine with other libraries or with existing projects. It has already proved its higher efficiency in avoiding many problems which you could face while using other frameworks. With all these efficiencies, Vuejs is fully capable of controlling complicated Single-Page Applications which are being used with combination of up to date tooling and supporting libraries. Vuejs is approachable, versatile and performant JavaScript Framework.

Why Vuejs is most adoptable framework among web developers?

  • Reactivity : One of Vue’s most discrete features is the unobtrusive reactivity system. This means all variables including in Vuejs is reactive. It also means that the variables are visible and have watchers attached. Vue has the classy methodology which automatically inform their peers whenever the variables change.
  • Components : Components are one of the powerful feature in Vuejs. Components are small and reusable to make development manageable. The problem is always the browser-wide execution.
  • Easy to Configure : It is very easy and simple to add Vuejs in web project. Just after reading the instruction manual of Vuejs one who is expert in HTML/CSS and Javascript can easily add Vuejs in the project. The best part of Vuejs configuration is that when you are using external libraries, you can use it with or without jQuery.
  • All in one frame : This is very good features in Vuejs that all the successful aspects of existing frameworks are compiled together in it. Which means Vue knows what works well for a Framework and what doesn’t.

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