Flutter & Firebase

Flutter Development Is Becoming a Prime Choice
to build Beautiful Native Apps

The realm of the technological world has always something new to offer when it comes to the evolution. Google is one of the most spectacular search engines of all the time with a lot of new development inventions every now and then. In one or the other way, Google manages to gain positive attention from tech geeks across the globe. This time it happened with the newly launched cross-platform app development framework. Flutter, Google’s mobile app SDK for iOS and Android is one of them. Google’s free and open source mobile app SDK for crafting high-quality native interfaces on cross-platforms in a record time of 120 FPS is the best example of a reliable mobile UI framework that Google has just introduced. The new Flutter app framework has been introduced to deliver a single codebase for both iOS as well as Android that aims to address this dichotomy.

Google’s Flutter UI framework for iOS and Android apps let our programmers write the UI code once and run it on both platforms. The most lucrative thing about Flutter framework is it provides a bridge to native, so that developers can do almost everything that Kotlin/ Swift/Java does. The core concepts for Flutter are bridging and drawing.

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Firebase - the unified app platform

Firebase is the perfect tool to convert your simple real-time feature ideas to real, working app features.

Firebase is a Google’s mobile platform, used in developing the high-quality mobile apps quickly. It allows building the web and mobile applications without server side programming language. With Firebase it is easier to build REST APIs with just a little bit of configuration, also it is a one-stop solution for storing data, verifying users, and implementing access rules.

Firebase tends to add agility and simplicity to the development, integration, app enhancement, bug fixing and release processes. Going beyond the technical aspects, it contributes significantly to the app marketing, user-engagement and user experience. Apart from these benefits, this technology is also ideal to create real-time back-end web applications.

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Our work using Flutter & Firebase

Best Indian Restaurants

This is a Business Directory App for Android and iOS where you can find Best Indian Restaurants across the world. You can rate and review the restaurant on multiple criteria to help others to find the best one for them.

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Public Auto Auctions

Find cheap used cars for sale from bank repos, title pawn repos, police auctions, used car dealer trades, and also private seller vehicles. Auctions are a lot safer than other common sources for buying cars such as online or from private individual car sellers. You can view 100's of vehicles for sale at a single auction location.

The App is published on both the stores – Check the details here