Python is a high-level, interpreted and object oriented programming language created by Guido Van Rossum. The design began in the late 1980s and was first released in Feb 1991. It is a powerful and fast programming language which runs on a wide variety of systems and has an extensive and exhaustive standard library.

Python supports multiple paradigms programming including imperative, object-oriented, functional, and structured programming. The main feature of Python is dynamic type system, which ties method and variable names during program execution.

Python is a powerful and a general-purpose language, simple syntax and short code length makes it very easy to understand and write. It's simple design concept highlight code readability, and its clean syntax permits programmers to express ideas in less lines of code than conceivable in languages, for example, C++ or Java.

Features of Python Programming

Uses very simple and elegant syntax

Friendly and easy to learn

Free and open-source

Portability- runs on all platforms

Extensible and Embeddable

A high-level, object-oriented and interpreted language

Extensive and exhaustive standard libraries

GUI programming

Deligence Technologies is an open source development company with a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. We at Deligence Technologies are mainly using Python for doing development in Raspberry Pi for embedded systems. Python is the recommended language by Raspberry Pi Foundation.

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4 Reasons why you choose Python programming-

  • Clean syntax and short code length.
  • Not overly strict- don't need to define the type of a variable and not necessary to add semicolon at the end of the statement in python.
  • You can write programs in fewer lines of code with greater functionality.
  • It has a great supporting community.