Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

The practice of going abroad or International travel to receive medical care and treatment is known as Medical Tourism. It is also called health tourism, cosmetic dentistry, reproductive treatments, surgery tourism, or Medical Tourism Industry.

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Some countries have no proper healthcare facilities, and some countries have very expensive treatments. So, many people prefer to go to a different country where they can get treatment with easy stay and economical treatment. Patients can send queries to hospitals and, when asked, can send their medical reports and other details and can get their appointments fixed before they travel. Since traveling for medical tourism can be far less expensive than receiving the same care at home, For instance, a heart bypass surgery in the US may run up to $150,000, whereas in Thailand, the identical procedure might only cost $10,000.

Are you a hospital and want to manage your international clients efficiently?

We have developed a Pre-Clinical Assessment Program (PCAP) Web App named Cure O Tour (Find Doctor App) using which your patients will be able to create an account on their own and will be able to upload their reports, including DICOM Files including CT Scan, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), ultrasound, X-ray, fluoroscopy, angiography, mammography, breast tomosynthesis, PET (positron emission tomography), SPECT (single-photon emission computed tomography), Endoscopy, etc.

Doctors can view the Patient’s details in the Doctor’s Dashboard. Along with other details, they’ll view the DICOM files using DICOM Viewer integrated into the app.

Cure O Tour has a robust Control panel to manage doctors, hospitals, queries, and Costs. The application is developed for locating doctors and hospitals in a country with better and more economical healthcare services. Cure O Tour provides a way to calculate cost estimates for treatment, Flight charges, visa charges, and other facilities.


The term “Medical Tourism Market” describes the worldwide business in which people go abroad to receive medical care, surgery, or other operations in other nations. By 2035, the medical tourism business will have grown to be worth over $70 billion worldwide.

Numerous causes are contributing to this rise, such as the rising expense of healthcare in industrialized nations, the expansion of accessible, high-quality healthcare in developing nations, and the growing trend of the medical tourism industry.

In the past era, the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a standstill, affecting every aspect of our lives, including how we access healthcare.

For the medical tourism services industry, which had been experiencing steady growth before the pandemic, the past year and a half have been particularly challenging.

Why Is Medical Travel Increasing?

The popularity of medical travel is rising for several reasons. The industry that enables people to go to other nations for medical procedures, treatments, or healthcare services is known as the “Medical Tourism Industry”Among them are:

  • Increasing healthcare expenses: In wealthy countries, healthcare prices are rising quickly. Many people are finding it more and more difficult to afford the care they require as a result of this.
  • Access to cutting-edge medical facilities: Developing nations are making significant investments in their infrastructure for providing healthcare. This implies that in nations that were previously thought to have subpar healthcare, patients now have access to cutting-edge medical facilities and licensed medical personnel.
  • Ease of international travel: Traveling abroad is become easier and more economical. Patients can now travel to foreign nations for medical care more easily because of this.
  • Access to Advanced Treatment: Patients who travel for medical purposes might avail themselves of cutting-edge procedures and technological advancements that may not be easily accessible in their native nation. This is especially important for people who are looking for specialized care or treatment for uncommon illnesses.
  • Shorter Wait Times: Patients in industrialized countries may choose to seek treatment abroad, where wait times are frequently shorter, due to lengthy wait times for non-emergency treatments.
  • Combined with the holiday: Patients can recuperate while taking in a new location by opting for medical tourism, which frequently provides the chance to combine medical treatment with a holiday.
Medical Tourism Industry Country Market

Benefits of using Cure O Tour

The advantages of medical travel & Tourism

There are several advantages that medical tourism provides for patients, People traveling across international borders to seek medical treatment is a fast-expanding sector of the medical tourism industry such as:

  • Cost savings: Patients who choose medical tourism can save a substantial sum of money on their medical care. In comparison to their native nation, patients can often save up to 80% on the cost of receiving high-quality treatment.
  • Access to top-notch care: In developing nations, patients can obtain top-notch medical care. Travel locations for medical tourism frequently have state-of-the-art facilities, highly skilled medical personnel, and rigorous adherence to global standards of care.
  • Specialized therapies: Patients have access to technologies and specialized therapies that they would not have in their native country.
  • Shorter wait periods: In their home countries, patients frequently have to endure lengthy wait times for medical care. Patients may be able to receive treatment sooner thanks to medical tourism.
  • Cultural encounters: Patients may be able to take advantage of medical tourism to get a taste of a different culture.
  • Economic Benefits for Destination Countries: By bringing in money, generating employment, and improving tourism infrastructure, medical tourism helps countries prosper economically.

App Features

  • Search hospitals & doctors.

  • Get a cost estimate for treatment.

  • Flight charges, visa charges, and other facilities.

  • Interactive Admin.

  • Send queries to hospitals.

  • Orthanc (server) for storing the DICOM Images

  • OHIF DICOM Viewer for doctors to view the DICOM Files

  • HIPPA Compliance

App Screenshots


Ready to see a Demo of the Application?

Ready to see a Demo of the Application?

Which Places Are Most Popular for Medical Tourism?

People traveling across international borders to seek medical treatment is a fast-expanding sector of the medical tourism industry, also known as global healthcare travel.

Numerous nations have surfaced as favored locations for medical tourism, with each providing distinct benefits:

  • Thailand: For dental care, cosmetic surgery, and traditional Thai medicine, Thailand is a popular destination.
  • India: Especially for treatments like orthopedics, dentistry, and heart surgery, India provides top-notch medical care at reasonable costs.
  • Malaysia: This country is renowned for having cutting-edge medical facilities, especially in the fields of oncology, cardiology, and infertility treatment.
  • Singapore: With an emphasis on wellness and preventive treatment, Singapore provides a fusion of Western and Eastern medical methods.
  • Mexico: People travel there for cosmetic surgery, dental care, and weight loss treatments.
  • Costa Rica: Well-known for its cosmetic and dental procedures, Costa Rica is a desirable travel destination due to its close proximity to North America and well-developed healthcare system.
  • Germany: This country is becoming a popular choice for medical tourists due to its cutting-edge medical equipment, highly skilled healthcare workers, and reputation for exacting medical procedures. Germany provides a broad range of healthcare alternatives for people from around the world, ranging from sophisticated operations to specialized therapies.

Who Takes Medical Tourism Travels?

Medical tourism attracts patients from all walks of life and all ages. Nonetheless, a few of the most prevalent categories of medical tourists consist of:

  • Patients without insurance or with inadequate insurance: Individuals without insurance or with inadequate insurance may not be able to pay for medical care in their native nations. These patients may be able to get reasonably priced care through medical travel.
  • Patients with chronic conditions: Medical tourism may help patients with chronic ailments locate more economical treatment options.
  • Patients seeking elective procedures: Because traveling for medical tourism might result in substantially lower costs than having the same therapy in their native country, patients seeking elective procedures—such as cosmetic surgery or fertility treatments—may opt to go.

This sector of the economy provides a broad range of healthcare services to those who choose to travel abroad for medical treatment through top Medical Tourism Industry

Aspects to Take Into Account for Medical Travelers

Before traveling for medical purposes, it is important to take into account the following:

  1. Study and Due Deligence: Make those hospitals, doctors, and medical practices adhere to international standards of care by conducting an in-depth study on them.
  2. Communication and Linguistic Barriers: To prevent miscommunications and future issues, be sure you and your healthcare practitioner are communicating clearly.
  3. Insurance Coverage: Check to see if foreign medical costs are covered by your insurance.
  4. Post-Operative Care: Make arrangements for sufficient post-operative care either at your destination or at home.
  5. Legal and Ethical Considerations: Recognize the ethical and legal ramifications of medical tourism, especially as they relate to reproductive procedures and organ transplants.