Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance implies to the changing and update made towards a website. The changes might be due to changes in the company's policies or with the introduction of a new product. From time to time - you might need to add new pages and/or new functionalities to your site.

Every business who owns a website needs website maintenance services. Deligence Technologies provide website maintenance services at reasonable cost.

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Most of the companies can take care your maintenance needs, then why to choose Deligence Technologies. Here are few reasons :-

Security Optimization

Security of the website is an ongoing task. It's not possible to make your site secure once and then forget about it. We need to continuously work on your site and server to keep it secure. Security Optimization is part of our maintenance service. We don't accept the project if the client asks us to exclude this essential element of the web maintenance package.

Speed Optimization

We keep track of the speed of your site and from time to time - we take action to make sure that the speed of your site is up to mark. We keep on deleting extra and unnecessary files.

Free Consulting

We keep an eye on the resource consumption of your site and time to time - we need to upgrade/degrade the server. We provide this information to you. Upgrading of the server - when needed - make sure that the users don't see any degradation in the performance of your site. Degrading of your server - when needed - make sure that your money is not going waste.