Native Mobile App Development

Our Native App Development Services

  • Iphone App Development - Our iOS developers have been providing highly functional and feature-rich native iOS app development services to clients around the globe. We believe that mobile UI and user experience prove to be an important part of the mobile app development process. We provide distinct apps for iPhone and iPad as well.
  • Android App Development - Android is one of the most popular platforms as almost 85% of the smartphone market is made up of satisfied Android users. Our vast experience in the field of Android development helps us to develop high quality native apps at a fraction of a price as compared to our competitors.

Native Mobile App Development

Mobile phones have disrupted the enterprise space like none other. From content distribution to collaboration among other areas, mobile phones are everywhere. A major part of this revolution is driven by mobile applications which offer great ways for companies to deliver services to their stakeholders. In that light, it has also become important for companies to build apps with the best user experience. The best applications are user-friendly and provide an immersive experience to all its users. For companies focused on user experience, native mobile apps are the best bet. Nothing beats native apps when it comes to performance and reliability. The benefits of developing a native app are endless.

Native Mobile App Development Services

Users prefer native app experiences built specifically for their devices’ operating systems. Each operating system has its own distinct look and feel, which native apps readily preserve and leverage for better functionality. Sacrificing this familiarity with a cross-platform framework can be off-putting to the user experience in certain cases, and since apps are developed for the users, their opinion is paramount. These apps run directly on mobile devices and have access to all the phone features such as GPS, accelerometers, camera, among others. Users can operate these apps without internet connectivity. Native apps are more intuitive than their hybrid counterparts. They get full support from relevant app stores. They are also completely secure in nature.

Benefits Of Developing A Native App

  • High Performance Native apps have direct access to the device features which in turn results in optimum use of the components and an overall better app performance
  • Responsiveness Native apps provide reliable, responsive, and extremely fast experience to users while being able to tap in to the wider functionality of the device including camera, compass, accelerometer, swipe gestures, notifications, etc.
  • Usability While using apps, users expect certain specific functionality and design patterns such as multi-touch and zoom. These functions can be easily accessed through native APIs while it is difficult in other methods of app development
  • Aspect Ratios With different device sizes comes the problem of varying aspect ratios and dpi. By developing native apps,developers have more control over the apps’ resolution, size, and the orientation of the app as presented on the device
  • Standard Guidelines for Development Since native apps are built according to set standard guidelines laid down by the operating system, the UI is very much familiar to all the users. This makes it easy for the users as they are able to explore the app on their own
  • Native Look and Feel Native apps feel and look like default apps of the phone. People are more comfortable using apps which appear like default apps and which provide a friendly user experience

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We have the required expertise, infrastructure, and highly qualified and experienced resources to create innovative mobile apps across the mobility spectrum and various platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc. Deligence Technologies has been in the mobile app development domain for a decade now and have completed several successful client projects around the globe.

If you have any kind of native mobile app development requirement, feel free to get in touch with us, or talk to one of our representatives, and we will help you go through the process.


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