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Mobile app development is a term which represents the process or procedure from which a mobile app is developed for mobile devices, for instance personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones.
These application are pre-installed in phones during their manufacture or delivered as web applications using server-side or client-side processing. Mobile applications develop specifically to take advantage of the unique features which a particular mobile phone offers. For instance, a gaming app might develop to take advantage of the iPhone's accelerometer. Mobile app development is steadily been rising, in revenues and in jobs created.
As part of the development process, mobile user interface (UI) design is also necessary in the creation of mobile apps. Mobile User Interface (UI) design is the touch display on a mobile, like a Smartphone or tablet, that allows the user to connect with the device’s apps, features, content and functions etc. In addition, an app user interface should be customized differently for each mobile operating system, as it is the visual language the user of device will be immersed in and usually most familiar with. Overall, mobile UI design's goal is mainly for a understandable, easy to access interface.

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What is Hybrid Mobile App Development?

Hybrid mobile apps are like all native apps which user can find in mobile phones. Hybrid mobile app is an app which can perform in multiple operating system with single code stack. These apps are already installed in mobile devices or if user want more apps than user can easily download from app store. With the apps, the user can play games, engage with friends through social media, take photos, track the health, and much more.
Like the websites on the internet, hybrid apps are build through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The hybrid apps run inside a native mobile applications that utilizes a mobile platform’s WebView. From WebView the user can easily use the device capabilities such as the accelerometer, camera, contacts, and more. These are capabilities which are often restricted to access from inside mobile browsers. Therefore, hybrid apps are access to various hardware/software capabilities through plug-in.
For user it is difficult to distinguish between Hybrid apps and native apps as both are downloaded from one place like Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Most importantly user don't care either way, they only need an application which runs fast and works well. If user trying to differentiate the mobile applications are either native or hybrid it is of no use, but matter of fact is that the applications should work well. The difference is on hybrid apps development is on developer side. This point can be more clear when we explain few benefits of Hybrid mobile applications.

What are the benefits of Hybrid Mobile Apps?

  • Run mobile apps across multiple platform

  • Save time by building web apps or hybrid apps

  • For hybrid apps developer need to build only one version that can publish the app across multiple platforms but when the app is delivered to user it will give same "native feel" to them

  • Hybrid mobile apps are maintain with sheer ease

  • Hybrid mobile applications development are cross-platform or web apps which are designed and developed for different platforms

  • In comparison of native apps, hybrid apps are easy to develop and scale

  • It is just a single application running on different platforms, developer just have to keep the eye on a single application, which makes it pretty easier to maintain

What is Apache Cordova/PhoneGap and how it is useful in Hybrid Mobile App development?

Before we start with Apache Cordova, you should have initial understanding of PhoneGap. PhoneGap is web-based mobile development framework which was based on open source Cordova projects and helps in creation of app store ready mobile applications and avoid each mobile platform's native development language.
Apache Cordova (formerly named as PhoneGap) is a mobile application development framework that is used to create cross-platform mobile apps. Apache Cordova was formerly created by Nitobi in 2009. in 2011, Nitobi was bought by Adobe Systems and rebranded it as PhoneGap, and afterwards released an open source version of the software called Apache Cordova. Apache Cordova helps the software programmers to develop the applications for mobile devices using CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript. PhoneGap or Apache Cordova simplifies cross-platform app development in which developer can code an app once and compile it anywhere like iOS, Android or Windows.
Apache Cordova increases the features of HTML and JavaScript to work with the device. The result of developing the app comes to hybrid apps as it is neither native apps nor web apps.
The software was earlier called just "PhoneGap", then "Apache Callback". PhoneGap is Adobe’s productized version of Cordova. Like PhoneGap, many other tools and frameworks are also built on top of Cordova, including Ionic, TACO, Visual Studio, Framework7, Telerik Platform and many more. These tools use Cordova, not PhoneGap as their main tools.
And the main thing is: Cordova is free and open source for mobile app development. Here’s how to get started with Apache Cordova.

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