Arduino is some other microcontroller board, with specific software and designed API which makes programming it very simple. For building the digital devices that can sense and control the physical world, Arduino designs and manufactures micro controller kits.
Arduino is a programmable microcontroller for electronic and mechanical devices. You can easily connect digital and analog electronic signals such as sensors (GPS, wifi, bluetooth) and actuators (LEDs).

What we can do with Arduino?

  • Smart home controlled by android phone
  • Android controller spy drone
  • Smart gardening
  • Fish food dispenser
  • Robots (Light following robot, wireless robot controlled by android phone)
  • Fan speed controller by temperature

Different Types of Arduino Boards

Boarduino kit

Arduino UNO

DIY Arduino

Arduino MEGA

Arduino MINI

Arduino DUE

Arduino YUN

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Advantages of Using Arduino Software

During working on various projects you simply need to stress over your creative thoughts, the remaining will handle by Arduino itself.
Here are the some advantages of Arduino software-

  • Inexpensive
  • Cross-platform
  • Ready to use structure
  • Number of library of examples present inside the Arduino software
  • During Arduino coding, some effortless functions which make the life so easy
  • Open source and extensible hardware & software
  • Simple and clear programming environment
  • A huge community of people is talking about the Arduino, so you can easily find help about everything.
  • Free IDE available for Arduino