Embedded Software Development

Embedded software is a software application, written to control machines or devices that exist permanently in a device and giving some sort of control function or user interface. The software is commonly stored in a non-volatile memory, for example, ROM or flash memory.

An embedded system is a combination of the computer hardware and software accomplished with additional mechanical or electronic parts designed to perform a specific function. Embedded programming needs to cover all required device drivers at manufacturing time, and the device drivers are composed for the particular hardware.

Characteristics of Embedded System–

  • It is designed to do some particular task.
  • Embedded systems are not always standalone devices.
  • The program instructions written for embedded systems are referred to as firmware and are stored in ROM or flash memory chips.

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Advantages of using Embedded Software

  • Low cost

  • Small size

  • High reliability

  • Fast operations

  • Easy to manufacture

  • Fewer interconnections

  • Portable, such as digital watches, mp3 player, etc

  • Real time response

  • No user interface

  • Not much data storage