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New Age AI chatbots simulate conversations and simplify business operations. They have made services swift, flexible, accurate and reliable for users. Deligence Technologies lets you be the part of the revolution by delivering unmatched Chatbot App Development services for diverse domains.

According to IBM, " 85% of customer interactions will be handled by chatbots by 2021". A large number of businesses will invest in chatbots for their businesses.

Today is the ideal time to invest in chatbot app development.

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Prominent Company in Chatbot App Development

Deligence Technologies, An esteemed Chatbot Development Company, understands your business’ needs and deliver intelligent and customized solutions regardless of industry. We develop chatbots that not only cut down on daily task but also enhance user experience with every interaction. We incorporate machine learning in chatbot development to provide personalised product suggestions and solutions to customers.

With the team of dexterous developers, we deliver top notch chatbot solutions to enterprises and startups that build your brand value, increase your customer base and triple your revenue.

Chatbot Development Services

Chatbots are need of the time. Chatbots offer prime benefit to businesses with automated work and quick solutions as service to customers. It performs numerous tasks without any bias. We at Deligence Technologies offer quality-driven chatbot solutions:

Chatbot for Facebook
Our Flutter App Developers develops rich experience, cost-effective & universally applicable apps for all the operating systems.
Chatbot for Slack
We offer Slack Bot Development for enterprise-level companies as well as startups to enhance team productivity.
Chatbot for eCommerce
Our smart Chatbot support AI integration which helps customers get amazing shopping experience.
Chatbot for Healthcare
Chatbots for Healthcare offers quick solutions to patients, easy payment processing, self-monitoring and more services. Smart chatbot developed by Deligence meets Health compliances.
Chatbot for Customer Service
Chatbots cutdown on Human handled conversations. We develop Chatbots that register client complaints, provide information and manage services
Chatbots for FAQ
Businesses receives daily queries of which half are frequently asked questions. Our chatbot is designed to handle clients FAQs.
Chatbot for Tourism
We develop smart Chatbots for Travel & Hospitality companies to provide instant service to their potential customers. Users can book hotels, flight tickets, or can find answers to travel queries.
Custom Chatbots
Our Custom bot development are tailored for your need to support marketing campaigns, product sales and services, Information handle, and customer Queries in an intelligent manner.

Bestowed with Industry Experts. Integrate Latest Technologies.

Why Choose Us for Chatbot Development?

Our Chatbot Developers leverage their expertise in building user-centric bot apps backed up by the latest technologies.

• Rich and Interactive Content: We develop chatbot integrated with NLP (Natural Language Processing) that interact and engage users.

• Personalized User Experience: Chatbots developed by us deliver a personalized experience to customers and also enhance product capabilities

• Engaging UI/UX: As a professional Chatbot App Development Company, we are proficient in developing simple and Amazing UI that improve user experience.

• Human Handover: We build chatbots that handover the conversation to support the team when they aren’t able to solve requirement or when a user wants to connect with the support personnel.

• Use Best Technologies: Being a professional chatbot development agency, we use best-in-class technologies like DialogFlow and Flutter to perform bot development.

• Language Support: Our Chatbot includes multilingual support that serves a different targeted audience.

• API Integration: Our custom chatbot development process makes it easier to integrate Third parties APIs.

Chatbot Apps We delivered

Our Chatbot portfolio below speaks of the delivered work quality:

Based on flutter & Dialog flow

TravelBot is a text and voice chatbot mobile application based on Google’s own Flutter & Dialogflow v2 technologies. This application solves queries related to finding good places in a city. Travelbot offers product suggestions, Weather Check, Flight details, Local News, Find Restaurants and Live Support. This App is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

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