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Panoply CMS

Project Description

Open Source Content Management System (CMS). We are taking a lot from Open Source and Open Source Community. It's now our turn to contribute to Open Source. We have developed this Meteor based Open Source CMS for community.
You are invited to use it for your project and you can also contribute by adding new features to it.

You can download Panoply CMS by using one of these 2 links -
https://github.com/DeligenceTechnologies/Panoplycms https://atmospherejs.com/deligencetechnologies/

These features are available in PanoplyCMS -

  • Single Admin
  • Multiple Categories
  • Articles Associated With Created Categories
  • Multiple & Multilevel Menus
  • Tags associated with articles
  • Dynamic Template
  • Menu Module that can load at any given position
  • HTML Blocks that can load at any given position