Doqumi is the world’s first cloud-based system that generates perfectly formatted business and personal documents from virtually any kind of content. Doqumi removes the complexity of formatting. With the click of a button content is transformed in seconds into a perfect PDF.

Save 90% of the time you spend preparing documents, vastly increasing your productivity.

Create content with Microsoft Word®, and even reuse all your current documents. Designers create intelligent templates in Adobe InDesign® that transform with your content into perfect PDFs.Produce perfect, customer-ready documents from your desktop, browser, tablet, or smartphone. Change templates on the fly and see instant previews as you work.

Doqumi Web Application

Doqumi web application developed using Meteor Framework with react.js and mongo db. We have used several packages of Node Package Module and AtmosphereJS for user management, client server communication, layout, etc.

Through Admin panel, administrator can invite organisations as well as users and assign different roles to the user. In that we can divide the functionality according to user’s roles. We are using api for communication between client and different servers like adobe indesign server, Amazon s3 server and doqumi web server.

Doqumi Dash Word Add-In

Doqumi Dash is a Microsoft Word® Add-in, developed using word JavaScript API. It provides an interface to format the word .docx document using design templates uploaded on Doqumi web client.User can process the document in three simple steps:

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