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The intense competition in today’s business environment means that tourism and hospitality businesses have to work hard to maintain and develop their competitiveness. The success of a business, to certain extent, depends on its ability to acquire and utilize updated information to assist its management and marketing processes. According to ADI (Adobe Digital Insights) travel industry market research — 41% of the business and 60% of leisure travel arrangements are nowadays made online. Thus the present-day global traveling industry faces multiple challenges.

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Due to immense competition, the survival and success of Travel & Hospitality companies depends on customized services and exceptional guest experience, before, during and after the travel. In today’s digital era has greatly revolutionized the way people plan their travel.and lays the professionals of the sector under the necessity to meet customers’ needs not only in person but also on the web remaining in line with the evolving new technology facets in travel and tourism as well as customer experience trends. To gain an edge over your competitors as a travel industry expert you should adjust your approach, stay in line with travel tech trends and provide your clients with a perfect and unique traveling experience.

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Some To The Key Challenges Faced By Travel And Hospitality Industry Are:

  • Personalization — the biggest priority among the modern travel industry trends
  • Meeting ever increasing demands and expectation of travellers
  • Implementing new technologies to stay at par and ahead of competition
  • Increased tax rate and its strong impact on global travel
  • Evaluating risks in investments to travel and hospitality infrastructure
  • Reduce costs and increase profitability
  • Security and Privacy - Guest data is used and stored properly so as to protect guests from physical, economic, and societal threat
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To meet such challenges,we at Deligence is equipped with the latest technology that can offer a wide range of services and solutions to companies in the Travel & Hospitality Industry that enables travel & hospitality companies with multiple benefits, like enhance guest experience, improve operations, decrease costs of travel distribution, generate new revenue streams, improved customer loyalty and many more. Our expertise in the IT field and hands-on experience in product engineering and as a service provider helps us in offering the best solutions for the industry-specific and business-specific requirements.

Key Actions For What Tour And Travel Companies To Keep Up Pace With Changing Market Needs-

  • Mobile optimized website or app
  • Easy to navigation and ease of booking
  • Live and Up-to-date Information Sharing
  • Better Trend Predictions Based on Customer Behavior
  • Maintaining Long-term Relationships and Connecting with Customers
  • Leveraging the Loyalty Program Feature
  • Encouraging Self-service

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