What is Phase Zero?

Phase Zero in App development

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“Good Start is half the work” - It holds true in app development when companies understand the client’s idea of an app and give clarity on the project to clients.

Companies often come across clients with great ideas for a new app, who wish to have the app developed and launched in the market as soon as possible. But one of the recurring challenges App development companies face with new clients is an insufficient dedication or lack of clarity to initial project scoping. And sometimes when companies lack visualization and clear project understanding, they take projects which is not ideal for their service offerings and technology competencies. Outcome? The project fails.

According to a report, 3 in every 10 apps are deleted from users’ devices within a week. The reason reported for most of the app failures is the project was built on poor parameters. It offers poor user experience and lack value to users.

So how to mitigate the risks and costs of late-stage failures?

To increase the chances of successful project development both the parties - Prospect and App development team must engage in determining the potential of the idea by conducting analysis called Phase Zero.

Let’s dig deep in this…

What is Phase Zero in App Development?

Phase Zero is an early planning phase activity for evaluating innovation opportunities of the idea before partnering for the project. Companies gather data with few relevant sets of questions, conduct an analysis of the viability of the project, create wire-frames, take feedback from the client, and do project planning. In some circumstances, when the feasibility of a project is questionable, the project manager asks the potential client to provide proof of the concept or eliminate the ineffective idea.

When both the parties are in line with the vision of the project and have clear goals, the project moves to the design and development phase.

Phase Zero Process

Phase zero Process

A potential client reaches out to the development team to discuss the feasibility of the project. The team schedule an hour or more interview where the development team ask questions to understand the client requirements, user segment and vision of the app.

The team gather information on all essential areas to conduct analysis before the onboarding take place. The process of gathering information can stretch to 3 rounds. After the first round, the team creates documentation of client feedback and do a SWOT and competitive analysis to provide a list of outcomes from the project.

In the preliminary round, the team explore the background information with the set of questions based on:

● Unique Selling Point: The app market is vast. The team understands the client’s unique selling point of an app product. The USP further clarifies the idea has the potential to be a success or not.

● App Features: Required app features to make the mobile app user-friendly. The project team with thorough market understanding provide suggestions and alternatives on app features to clients that haven’t thought of. The team may get involved in creating wireframes.

● User Base: The client’s knowledge of the target audience and existing offerings in the market. The team gather information of the user base to have an understanding of the market.

Once, the round one is over, the team draft the findings and propose measures in the form of wireframes, demo apps, platform reach, technology feasibility, industry practices and investment details in the initial documentation (IPS). The documentation of information collected covers in-depth analysis of clients requirements and app idea roadmap of distinct components to be executed in app development.

The phase Zero terminates when the client is satisfied with the proposed results and sign off the agreement or else the discussion rounds continue till the team revises and provide an optimum level of quality solutions in the documentation of a proposed idea. In the final round, the development team provide cost estimates of developing an app. The cost may get customised as per the client budget.

Phase Zero Benefits to clients

● Clients get a clear understanding and feasibility of the project idea. At times clients ask to develop an app which has less or no potential in the market. Phase Zero is an effective way to eliminate ineffective ideas.

● Planning their business budget. When the project is proposed app development team provides estimates of app development which help them give an idea of how much expense would involve in-app development, maintenance and marketing.

● App team provide feedback on app features that wouldn’t have thought of earlier. The team also advises eliminating features which are less useful to users at the initial stage that add up the cost.

● Clear any doubts related to a third party database management and secure authentication of the idea.

● The project team provide suggestions and alternatives to clients based on their market understanding that they haven’t considered in their business plan.

● Most importantly, help the client to understand that the app development team would be best for proceeding with the project or not.

How Deligence Implement Phase Zero?

In order to create a successful Mobile App business plan, before preceding with the project, we ask you a few questions on your preferred time to gather information on your idea. The information we gather is NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) protected.

Our Team conduct the client interview ( telephonic, video conferencing or phase to phase interview) and document their findings. We do a SWOT and competitive analysis to understand your business and user needs. we provide wireframes and app demo to have a clear understanding of what your app will look like. We offer step by step strategy and technology assistance. Once we inline our vision with your business goals, we move ahead with project development.

We help you visualise your App idea to attainting the app success.

Have a Question? Contact us at sales@deligence.com and our experts will take care of solutions.

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