Top 10 Web Development Trends to expect in 2022!

Web App Development Trends 2022

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Web development is a technology activity in the IT industry that focusses on creating and maintaining web pages, including concepts like web design, web programming, web publishing. A web development process primarily involves development of a Front-end development for the user interface, the web content development, client-web server communication, backend database and a secure networking.

Front end development comprises using Markup languages such as HTML and style sheets such as CSS to give a website an impressive look with an optimal structure and layout. Scripting languages such as JavaScript support in development of interactive web elements on both the client and server ends. Back-end development consists of developing an application that supports the front-end interface. It serves and manages content, supports Application Programming Interface (API) and comprises of databases such as MySQL for storage and retrieval of web services data.

A web framework is a software tools set that helps web app development by automating several common and repetitive activities in web development such as services, resources, and APIs in a performance optimized manner. There are several frameworks such as React, Angular, and Ruby that support web development.

In line with market requirements and advancement in technologies, web development trends that enterprise web development companies and small-medium web development service companies would focus on are described below.

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI in web development with techniques such as natural language processing is being used to enable personalized customer experience, interactive chatbots and intelligent searches. Chatbots are used to respond to quick simple queries reducing volume of user support calls and cost to a business website. Personalized experiences are supported by performing analytics on users’ frequent visits and selections in websites such as e-commerce. Intelligent searching tailors the content to users to suit their specific search attributes with shortlisting and ordered presentation.

  2. Progressive Web Apps: These are websites providing users with an app-like experience customized for their devices operating similar to an installed native app on devices, and as regular websites on browsers. Users hence can open a website using a mobile browser that adapts the content to the device screen size. Key capabilities offered are working when the device is offline, support for push notifications and periodic updates, and access hardware features for performance.

  3. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality: Augmented reality and virtual reality technology will have a major role to play in web development in future. Web design and development companies in industries such as tourism, e-retail, retail have a significant opportunity to employ virtual reality enabling users in a real-time experience of a tour, or prior to product purchase.

  4. Serverless architecture: This is a cloud computing paradigm wherein web developers focus on the developing the code for web services without getting concerned about the provisioning and maintaining the required server infrastructure for web serving. Development cost is reduced since the infrastructure for web development is handled by the cloud service providers offering serverless services. Further, this architecture supports pay for what you use model wherein the businesses pay only for the server resources being used on the cloud to run their services. It allows scalability for user base and growing requirements such as new features seamlessly.

  5. Single page application: These are web applications that load a single web page such as an HTML page in browser. Here content for the pages is updated dynamically when needed without refreshing the entire page. The benefits this offers are smooth and uninterrupted experience, cost effectiveness for web services companies as it consumes less space on servers, simplified development with reusable software components.

  6. Voice search: Web development is heading towards presenting voice search as one of the key approaches for quick search of user requirements on a website. Advancements in technologies in voice-recognition software integration across multiple gadget types, multi-lingual support, and rapid search, are making user experience pleasant and high performing. Virtual assistants such as Siri and Alexa are some of the popular voice search assistants that have set this trend.

  7. Motion UI: Motion User Interface technology helps in creating visually appealing web apps with powerful animations and graphics. Websites with motion experience grabs the attention of users compared to static websites.

  8. Mobile-friendly Development: With the increase in the number of smartphone users, the mobile-first approach has become essential. Focus on creating mobile-friendly websites is a key trend that is gaining attention. Proliferation of mobiles devices across business such as e-retail, finance, healthcare, and education has made its way into users browsing internet through mobile phones.

  9. Dark Mode Standardisation: A dark mode is a colour scheme with a dark background and light-coloured UI elements. This is being adopted by most websites offering benefits such as optimized battery consumption on OLED / AMOLED screen technologies and reduced eye strain in low light environments.

  10. Enhanced Cybersecurity: Protecting your business and customer data from cyberattacks is one of the most critical concerns to be addressed in web development. Denial of Service attacks and leakage of customer confidential information in e-commerce or finance websites can harm a business significantly. Techniques such as automated vulnerability assessment, robust internet firewalls, multi-factor authentication and multiple login detections can be used to improve overall cybersecurity to ensure a secure and safe customer experience.

Trends in web development are vast in range and continually evolving based on user requirements and new digital technologies. In a highly competitive digital market, web app development companies need to adapt to these dynamics and evolve their web services with the right customer support to enable an engaging and secure user experience.

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