Top 6 App Development ideas for Business amidst COVID-19

App development ideas for business in COVID19

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The global outbreak of COVID 19 has led to slow down of the global economy affecting various businesses and industries to an extent where few businesses are in survival crisis due to the nation-wide lockdown.

As more and more people confine themselves within their homes, businesses have no choice but to seek alternatives to avoid downfalls. Taking business online with technology and mobile solutions seem the most reliable option to quickly handle a growing crisis.

Why Online Business is a reliable solution in COVID crisis?

Rise in Mobile App market: Despite the global and economic crisis of Coronavirus, the mobile app spending is expected to double by 2024. Besides the market predictions, the first-time app installs have boosted to 22% from 2019 during the pandemic.

Reduced Human contact is the need of an hour: Government and authorities have asked to follow social distancing for prevention against COVID. Online Business allows reduced human contact which is important to prevent COVID. Hence, this is a good reason to shift to an online marketplace for stakeholders’ safety.

A boom in Online Shopping: Across the world, there has been a boom in online shopping as people are looking up to the online marketplace to deliver essentials in self-quarantine. Big brands like Amazon, Pharamaecy have gone out-of-stock due to the increased demand for daily essentials. The physical stores contracted to 35%, eStores were performing well in the pandemic. 74% of Internet users have all age group shifted to online stores over visiting the physical stores. The Big retail store Spencer’s tied up with Flipkart to sell its products online. The future group extended its online ordering for its outlets.

These figures show that the online market is not going to slow down anytime soon and may have given you enough reasons to consider it.

We would like to share Web & Mobile App Development ideas that will help you survive COVID-19.

1. Educational Apps

The education industry is transforming the ways how they deliver lessons to all age groups over the world. eLearning is empowering the entire education system with smart classrooms for interactive and better learning remotely.

Educational App for:

Language learning There are various language learning apps like Duolingo, memrise in the education marketplace to make learning foreign languages easy. The application offers vocabulary and grammar special exercises created by native speakers.

Interactive Online Learning

Interactive Learning offers group learning or two-way communication learning where a teacher and students engage in conversational learning using a whiteboard and video chat. The teachers and students can make changes to their teaching and learning methods. Interactive learning is popular among all age group learnings. Coursera, eds, BYJUs and other institutions offer interactive learning courses. If you are an education institute which offers courses, this mobile alternative is for you.

Classroom Learning Apps

These classroom apps offer learning on various subjects to school students using gamification method. The app maintains interactive learning and student engagement with games like multiple choice questions, jeopardy games, buzzer games for groups. The group links are shared online to each team.

Apart from the lesson itself, online classroom tools allow communication between teachers and students with the feedback systems and messaging features allow. Teachers can easily create games based on the lessons they want to teach their class. Factile is one example of a classroom and remote learning tool.

2. Social networking apps

People in lockdown are finding ways to connect with the community to learn or share their interest, progress, or newly gained skills. Social networking app allows people to open up new ideas and channels for engaging with your audience more effectively. In COVID, many influencers or audience are using it as a medium to express how they are dealing with the whole situation.

Social networks

Social networks allow users to connect with people from the same community or interest groups. Social network apps offer consumable information for the audience. Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram are the top social network apps.

Discussion forums

These apps allow people to find, discuss, and share news, information, and opinions. These networks can be excellent resources for market research. These apps allow people to ask questions on any/ specific topic or to express their opinions.

Authorities, media houses, NGOs can look up to building their own social apps to communicate and connect with their audience.

3. Mental health and Fitness app

The global outbreak made people stay at home causing more stress and illness. Mental Health and Fitness app witnessed a sudden rise in app usage during the lockdown. People are opting wellness and fitness apps to keep themselves mentally and physically healthy. Despite in lockdown, people found new opportunities to stay fit. Yoga, meditation and online training are few apps showed excellent growth.

Apps for Gym Owners

Gym owners and trainers can share live training sessions for its members using their live workout video streaming apps. Create a new schedule and organize group and individual classes. This will help you handle the business in COVID crisis.

4. mHealth and Telemedicine apps

Considering the lockdown situation, mobile apps for healthcare is among the highest booming ideas for app development. The whole COVID-19 crisis has presented a new challenge for doctors and healthcare professionals to continually take care of their patients without them stepping outside of their house. Hence, people need digital outlets for remote healthcare solutions that can help them better navigate the impact and consequences of the virus outbreak. And not let it affect their health. mHealth apps can provide remote patient diagnosis where both the doctor and patient can indulge in. Medical stores can opt for a telemedicine app to deliver medicines to doorsteps thereby also avoiding contact-less delivery.

5. Video conferencing/calling apps

Companies are struggling to connect with their clients and employees to have smooth functioning of the business. Not only businesses even audiences are looking up to video calling to connect with their friends and families. Video calling or conferencing apps provide great opportunities for businesses to provide an extended communication channel to connect with their own audience. Companies indulge in offering services or tools like Trello to B2B or B2C can utilise this concept. Gmail, also included a video meeting feature for its users.

6. Food and Grocery Delivery Apps

Many restaurants or Food business can survive in COVID-19 who had the highest impact on their business. Restaurants apps can ramp up their business models by shifting to pickup or local delivery model. Restaurants can partner with delivery chains like Postmates, UberEats to allow home delivery where people can book the meal online and get it at their doorsteps.

or Another alternative is to shift to Grocery products. People are waiting in long queues to get groceries and chances are high to catch COVID. So, during pandemic you can offer grocery delivery that not only will be good for the community to maintain distancing but will also keep your business running.

How to develop an App during Lockdown?

Take the help of remote development teams to help you build your app. Here are few steps:

1. Hire a remote App development team:

Look for a team who has been serving clients remotely. Prefer opting a team over freelancer as the team has more control and can build complex apps easily. Teams and companies with a trustworthy reputation deliver great products in record time to maintain their status quo. So, search and hire an app development team that fits your choice.

2. Decide the app requirements and communicate remotely

Develop a blueprint of your app that defines all app features needed in the product, other details you want the developer to know. Coordinate with the team remotely using communication tools like Trello, Skype. Reconfirm to make sure that the team understood your requirement.

3. Develop and Launch the App

After coordinating, let the developers create an app for your desired platform (iOS, Android, windows). Launch the app and communicate it to your audience.

Bottom Line

These ideas can help certain leaders who fall in the same or relating category. While you already know your audience and their requirements, you just need a digital app idea and we are here to provide the custom digital solutions for you. We all here #standtogether in this Pandemic crisis. You can contact us for a free consultation, we will provide the best solutions for your app idea.

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