Successfully Integrated Alpha User Point with Easy Social

We have recently worked on a project to Integrate Alpha User Point with Easy Social.

What we have done is - we have stored all the points that a user is gaining using Easy Social's points- into AUP Points. The AUP Point history of the users have combined points.

There was no plugin available for this purpose and to create a standard AUP plugin for EasySocial was a time consuming task. Which also means higher cost and long waiting time for the client. The client had a deadline approaching very soon. So we have to find the alternative to make it quick.

We have achieved it using custom coding and the code is well documented and we are going to be provided the change log the client, which will be used when Joomla or EasySocial or AUP is upgraded.

Here is Client's feedback

"Thank you. I am very pleased with your work– well done. Everything is working except for the below few things.
You told me it would take two weeks and you did it in less. Sanjay, it looks good for our future co-operation with you and Deligence Technologies."

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