Reasons why Small Businesses should invest in Mobile App Development

Mobile App development for small business

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In today’s digital media world, where we have tech-savvy audiences exploring all technology means, makes difficult for marketers to engage with target buyers. Marketers are extensively adapting to mobile marketing to reach where their audiences are.

A lot of small businesses restrain from exploring mobile applications and entrust that having a website and a Facebook page will serve their marketing and business goals. - Which no longer holds true.

Recent research showed that a user 90% of the mobile time is spent on apps while the remaining 10% on browsing sites.

Customers now look for a personalized experience tailored to their needs and interests. Mobile Apps not just improves customer interactions by offering personalized experiences but also offer support to the customer, build trust, and brand identity. Mobile applications for small business is a vital tool not just to promote products and services but to actually know your audiences.

Mobile apps offer data on how users interact with your app, what they look for and why they drop out the purchase.

Reasons for Small Businesses To Invest in Mobile Apps

Unlike any other devices, user sticks to their mobile screen all the time. So, mobile apps offer an opportunity to communicate instantly and as soon as possible. Have a look How Mobile Apps are vital for small business:

1. Direct Marketing of Products and Services

Companies with mobile apps make better impressions than those without one. Mobile Apps for your business is a direct marketing channel which helps you communicate your product and services to the customers who shows interest. Mobile Application keeps your customers updated by offering information on new product releases, offers and discounts. Not just this, customers can also track their purchase history and wishlist items. Frequent updates help develop customer interest in your products, and it will also help you save money and effort in other advertisements.

2. Offer value to customers with personalised services

Consider a user scrolling through the website for a particular product but can not find it. What will happen next? The user will drop off and make look for other brands. Mobile Apps save the user last activities and suggest by-products through notifications to bring them back to your brand. Mobile Apps offer value by providing personalized services and support in terms of cart abandonment, Payment gateway drop-out, Wishlist items and search strings.

Many Mobile-based organizations track users who never logged-in the app after installing to propose them offers on log-in. Thus, Mobile Apps improve customer engagement with your brand.

3. Provide real-time data of customer interactions

One of the best thing about Mobile Apps it provide insights into how users are interacting with the brand and its services. Do they dropped the product at the payment gateway, what was the reason for the drop? Are the items in wishlist are for more than a month. If yes, why so? Are they liking our new proposed offer on products? How many impressions and clicks we received on our last offer communicated via push notifications. How many users converted per click?

Mobile Apps support real-time data that helps revenue and marketing team to build goals.

4. Build Brand Recognition

Having a mobile application for your small business can contribute to building your brand awareness as more people will know about your brand on App stores. Your Business App will enter iOS and Android app stores and prompt targeted users who are looking for products and services to see and download your app.

An app validates your offerings and more customers make purchases from you. Not just this, Once your mobile App is live, your offerings will reach a new segment increasing your customer base.

5. Improve payment capacity

For every 100 customers who start the checkout process, 69 don’t finish.

And out of which 54% of people feel having a variety of payment options is important when checking out online. A report by Clutch stated that users find mobile payment a most valuable feature in mobile app.

Most valuable app features. Source: Clutch

These days a lot of payment modes are available for buyers to make hassle-free and secure purchases. In fact, a lot of customers prefer making payment through e-wallet for quick processing. Numerous e-commerce business offers multiple payment alternatives to its target audience. Mobile Apps Adapt to customers’ mode of payment reduce gateway drop-outs and build trust in the brand for immediate payments.

6. Stand out from the competition

A mobile application makes your business stand out, and inform your target audience that you are tech-savvy. Plus, many small businesses don’t have their own app. So when a small business invests in Mobile App Development, it informs customers that the brand is authentic and is going to stay in the market for long.

For instance: You are offering a product which is new to the market. People may hesitate to buy it for its quality because of the perception that you are new and may not deliver the best product. But when you have an app and spend on its marketing, people develop a perception that you have a strong brand call. Thus, keep you ahead of the competition.

7. Increase Revenues

Mobile Apps sell your products faster. Mobile Applications change the traditional method of selling where the buyer has to come to the store to make a purchase and even move to store if the product is not available. Mobile Apps offer a market place where buyers can choose between a variety of products and make the purchase. Mobile Apps initiate direct selling to reduce the cost of the product to a customer.

Mobile apps offer a location advantage to deliver products to customers in the location who can’t reach your store. All these benefits make users retain and not to bounce away to shop from your competitors and contribute to overall revenues.

Bottom Line

So, all these reasons support mobile apps are worthy and every business irrespective of their size should invest in mobile app development. Mobile Apps, not just skyrocket your revenues but also build a relationship with your customers.

By the end of the article if you are thinking of finding an app development company who can build a great app at reasonable prices. Don’t look further, contact our team for a free consultation. We will be more than happy to help you.

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