PlayFactile July Release

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Factile Is A Free Learning Platform That Lets Teachers Create Engaging Jeopardy-Style Quiz Games For The Classroom. It’s Free, Easy And Loads Of Fun!

Users can create an online quiz game board in minutes.

The App has 700,000 GAMES AND COUNTING!. It has 1M+ USERS and the games are being played in 190 COUNTRIES. The users of the app includes Google, Apple, Harvard University, Stanford University, Princeton University.

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July Release Was Very Exciting.

We Added The Following Features:

Previously there were only two game modes: Flashcards & Normal Factile. Recently we added two new game modes Choice & Memory game.

Choice Game

Now users can play the same game in choice mode. Choice will display the game questions with 3 answers from which the player can choose the correct one.

Memory Game

Users can also play games in memory mode, where students match the Question and Answer tiles.

Save Game With Name

Earlier we can use only one instance of a game to save, so users can play only that instance without changing it’s name. Now we provided a feature to save the running game with a new name (creating a new instance of that game that user can play later). Saved game names can be edited anytime. This way users can save multiple instances of the same game for different purposes.

Embed Game In Other Sites

Previously users can share the game on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Now we added a feature to provide a way to embed specific games into other web sites using embed code. So now users can provide an interface to play games from their web sites as well. Users can select a game and generate the embed code with different game modes with just a few clicks and paste that code anywhere on their web page, and the game will load at that location.

Text Editor

Previously there was a text area for input of the question and answer, so users were not able to do font formatting with text. Now for pro users we added rich text editor (Froala) that provides the ability to insert text with font formatting and smiles that help to make questions/answers more attractive.

Inline Math Equation:

Previously there were two separate input fields to insert the math equations and text to format it properly on the front end. So users were not able to insert the inline equations in questions/answers.

Now the pro users can insert math expressions inside text for questions & answers such that it looks properly. It allows the users to write formulas that are part of the text and expressions inline.

Game Edit Option

Earlier there was no option to edit the game other than just edit questions/answers. For instance, once a game was created users couldn’t move the question from one category/point to another, or to re-index the category or copy it from one game to another without going into the question/answer.

Now, we provided drag & drop for swap/move the questions, the user can also re-index the categories of the game, and can copy & paste categories from one game to another.


Normal printing was too slow, it used to take 25-40 seconds for generating the print output. We optimized the printing, now it takes few seconds (approx. 10 seconds) to generate the print output. We also added print supports for inline math and question/answer added through text-editor.

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