Panoply CMS - Meteor based Open Source CMS ?

CMS Package For Meteor

We have researched and found that no working CMS Package is available for Meteor. So we decided to create a CMS Package for Meteor which we can use for our website and can provide it to a community to use it and to contribute to it.

The Alpha version has been launched and it's available at

Here is the Feature List

  • Single Admin

  • Multiple Categories

  • Articles Associated With Created Categories

  • Multiple & Multi Level Menus

  • Tags associated with articles

  • HTML Blocks that can load at any given position.

If you want to see it in action- here are the details-

Frontend :

Backend :

Backend Login Details : Email: , Password: Pass@123

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Here are the Installation Steps

  • Pull PanoplyCMS from GitHub Repository on you system OR you can download zip and extract it on your machine.
  • Go to folder location through terminal or command prompt
  • Type: meteor --settings settings.json and hit Enter key. Please wait for server to get start. It will automatically install all dependencies and will start running.
  • Once it start running, go to your browser and type: http://localhost:3000

Thats it! You have installed PanoplyCMS on your system successfully.

Frontend Link: http://localhost:3000 , Backend Link: http://localhost:3000/admin

Initial Login Credentials of Backend : Email: '' , Password: 'Pass@123'

Now go and create some categories, then articles and finally some menus. Look at the changes at your frontend.

Panoply CMS is available as Meteor Packages and you can get it from -