MVP Development for Startups and Businesses

MVP development for App Startups and Businesses

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There are millions of apps on App stores and many are in the development phase. Each app is designed to offer high-value services to its users and solve a pre-existing problem. In addition, each app is put on app stores to earn money from its offered services. This is also the reason for the existence of App startups. Many App Entrepreneurs wants their great app to be in the market before any competing brand launches it. But most importantly, Budding App entrepreneurs want to know that their app will perform in the market or not. So, App developers use MVP method to launch the App.

Minimum Viable Product or MVP is a concept in which the app developer produce a product which has basic and most essential features like a login screen, landing page, or maybe a booking platform depending on your product. Later, the features are added based on how customers engage and use the app. This involves observing their actual behaviour with the product or service. Seeing what people actually do with respect to a product is much more reliable than asking people what they would do.

Benefits of Choosing MVP Development

MVP development for App Startups and Businesses

In the past few years, many App Entrepreneurs have asked us for MVP development. So, with that we came across a few benefits that it offered to our clients:

  1. Releasing a product to the market quicker than the expected time to develop a complete app.

  2. Good for startups to learn about their audience first and add features accordingly.

  3. Testing ideas on real users will help to know that the assumptions will meet the demand or not.

  4. Saves large budget to the full product development which may fail.

  5. Defining the vision of the product to early adopters.

  6. Utilising the marketing budget by launching and promoting to a smaller defined market initially.

  7. Facilitates smooth audience growth

  8. Low risk with High ROI as the app is upgraded as per user requirements

Why you should consider MVP Development?

You’ve seen the benefits of MVPs, but maybe you’re not convinced. So we’ve stated a few real-life examples of industry leaders who have used MVP in their product development:

1. Airbnb

Brian and Joe’s idea has captured the hospitality industry to its very core - Allowing a homeowner to make an extra revenue stream by renting out a room in their apartment/ house or having their entire place rented out.

The idea was built when Brian and Joe could not afford to pay their rent. Out of desperation, they decided to rent a room and mattresses in their apartment for cheap to attendees who couldn’t find a hotel. Brian and Joe took pictures of their apartment and put it up on a website and soon after they had three customers.

They used the MVP or minimum viable method with which they created a simple landing page which has pictures of the room and also it allowed attendees to book their apartment. To their surprise, they started getting visitors and they made a big business later out of it. So

2. Uber

Uber Founders Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp initially started with a simple interface to connect iPhone users in San Francisco with vehicle services that were cheap, faster to acquire, and provide estimated cost till drop location when entering the vehicle.

The service was first tested in new york using only three cars but the official launch was in San Francisco later that year. Uber used the rate and comment feature that can be accessed through the iPhone store to gather information from customers on how they could make it better.

Now, Let’s look at a Process to follow for MVP Prdouct development

3. Identify the existing problem

Before creating your MVP, Identify the existing problem users are facing and think of a feature that can satisfy their most basic needs at best. This will include identifying your target audience. Who are they and what’s their motivation for choosing your product?

4. Targeting the key feature

You’ve got your USP and the problem it solves. Now you need to break down the features that it comprises. List and prioritize all the features but include only the core functionalities. Your key feature is the one that will be of most use or interest to your customer.

5. Build an MVP App Once you’ve figured out the key features, build an app around it. Keep the app simple yet informative. Use delightful and seamless app designs to keep the users engaged with an app for hours.

Why Choose Us for MVP Development?

  1. We have delivered many successful apps in MVP
  2. We develop engaging designs that your users will love
  3. We identify your target audience in scoping sessions and build an app around it.

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