Leveraging Personalied Alexa Skills Experience for Different Customers

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Posted on February 25, 2020 by Apeksha Khanna | Blog | Total Hits:

Be it sending Behavioral triggered Emails, or offering customized Product Recommendations; Personalization has been a powerful tool for Marketers. With the new age voice assistants, companies are trying to up the marketing strategy with voice personalization.

Amazon introduced voice profiles in 2017 to enhance Alexa personalization capabilities. This skill empowered users to create their accounts, just like on any service-based site. The account details were saved as UserID that enabled Alexa to differentiate between account holders. Users were able to set their voice profiles to access call directory, shuffle Spotify playlist, and other accounts for their personalized needs.

The update did lift the Alexa Ranking but had a shortcoming, every time a customer who has to play a saved Spotify list had to log in to his profile to play his jam.

With that, late Last year, Amazon announced significant updates in the Alexa kit that allowed it to differentiate between speakers by learning user voice profiles and enabled Alexa skill developers to access the user profiles to deliver personalized experiences and services.

Now a new person Id field can identify different people interacting with the same physical device. The new skills would be able to address the unique preferences of individuals in the household by recognizing and identifying their voices.

The recent update is beneficial for Entrepreneurs to provide right service to the right customer in the household. Amazon Alexa has provided some use cases of brands like Uber and Vodafone that have set up voice personalization in their skills. These companies also reported a boost in user engagement with skills and the accuracy of customer interactions.

In this article, I’ve listed a few additional cases that can be used by developers and businesses:

Leveraging Personalized Alexa Skills:

The few used cases are proof that Alexa Skills Personalization is not just going to stay for long but will be able to contribute to user buying decisions. Making this technological leap forward below are few cases for businesses that can be implemented in the skills:

1. Capturing Player Information

Games are integrating social components to be able to interact with players during gameplay. The masses are widely loving VR and AR. It is unlikely to assume that the future of gaming will grow as a user verbal interaction global industry. The developers who have created multi-player games can make the best use of it. For instance - The developer of Fruit Ninja - A game of more than one player can set roll calls by capturing user personID. A unique ID will identify each player by its voice to start the game.

2. Music streaming

Voice-enabled gadgets have offered the possibility to connect with music in manners that fulfill even the biggest fan base, regardless of what their likes, taste and music preferences. Numerous brands are already switching to voice skills. Some developers have even build musical games skills.

Here Skill developers can create custom settings to save User unique music preferences that play when user engages with their skill. “Alexa, shuffle my playlist.” -Alexa will recognize the voice profile and will play a song from the user’s saved list.

3. Calendar schedules

Alexa may very well be a saviour to remind about important meetings, to-do-lists and other significant occasions for each person in the family. Brands can take permission from their user base to allow them to save the date of their upcoming spring sale. When the customer gives permission, Alexa will set reminders against each profile.

4. On-Demand Services

Ride-hailing and food delivery Brands can use personalization to make bookings easy for customers via Alexa, by ensuring that they bill the right customer for a ride. Companies can create custom settings for Alexa will figure out which account to use based on who is speaking. With Personalization setting, Alexa can provide updates on last booking, rescheduling, driver location, billing methods and payment history.

5. Customized workout plan

Each individual is different so is their workout plan. Some may require extensive Abs training and for some intermediate training will work. Fitness Apprenuers understand user requirements. Thus, the App save the data of each individual.

Apprenuers can now build a skill that connect Alexa with their App and guide customers in their workout routine. Developers can create settings that empower Alexa to plan, instruct and save data of User daily routines. For instance, - Ask Alexa to welcome customers with different workout routines. Alexa can set a daily workout plan for a specific user and can track customers’ daily progress.

6. Instant messaging

Voice messaging is replacing text messaging at a rapid rate. App Brands like Whatsapp and Google Hangouts have already added the new feature where users can send voice messages. But taking voice messaging to the next level where customers don’t have to stick to their phones to message. Developers can set skills that enable Alexa to send a text message to a person saved in a user directory list.

“Alexa, send a message to Alex that I’ll be late to the office” trigger Alexa to search the person from User saved profile and empower to send a voice. Developers can sink their Apps with Alexa skills.

7. Voice Commerce

Voice commerce is relatively new and has only been used by consumers to search for products online with in-built voice recognition settings. Alexa Personalisation allows customers to set their payment details to ask Alexa to place orders easily. Based on search history or wish list, customers can ask Alexa to order from xyz.com against their recognized voice, can generate returns and share their favorites on social media. Businesses can even notify product recommendations to users based on their last purchase.

8. Handling Grievances

Alexa Skill new skill kit release focused on empowering developers to access and deploy user-generated data for creating great experiences. Handling grievances is one of them. Alexa personalization is beneficial for both developers and entreprenuers. Earlier it was hard for companies to track information down the various accounts in a household where the issue had reported. Now, each grievance generated will be against one personID. For Developers, they can decode the PersonID to easily track which user is using the device and where he is located to fix device issues.

How to Enable Alexa Skill Personalization?

For Users

Users can configure their voices with the accounts by saying, “ Alexa Learn my Voice.” Alexa new feature will generate and send a personID made of characters and numbers to the skill.

For Developers

Amazon provides complete documentation on how to add personalization to skill.

Wrapping Up

A team of over 5,000 people is working on Amazon Alexa to make it more sophisticated in providing complex solutions. Amazon is determined to help various industries with their voice assistant, and their new skill set will influence customers to adapt to Voice AI in making personalized requests to Alexa. The potential for voice assistants is so much more significant that some brands predicted its relevance years ago. Adoption of voice assistants will only continue to grow in the future, and it’s essential for brands to gear up and begin experimenting with Alexa Skill Development to take a massive leap in the marketplace with a growing number of skills.

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