How will 5G networks impact Mobile App Development in 2020?

5G in App Development

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After years of anticipation and technology advancements, 5G networks are becoming a reality. The rollout of 5G will change our lives more dramatically than any technology shift. Reason being, this new technology enables widespread connectivity and speedy delivery of data on millions of devices in a matter of a few seconds.

A Report has already predicted, the 5G Network will be running on over 1.4 billion devices by 2025. This new-age technology interest not only businesses but also many users. This chart shows the increasing number of 5G subscriptions on devices.

5g device prediction

The shift to 5G technology is going to impact many industries, encouraging them to adopt it more and more in their domains. But out of all, App-based Startups and businesses will have the highest impact of it in delivering their services as they are highly reliant on networks.

So, in this article, we will be focussing on 5G impact on Mobile Apps.

But before we move on to the 5G impacts on Mobile App Development, it is essential to understand the power of the new 5G network over the old 4G network.

5G networks when compared with 4G, has prevailing features that undoubtedly offers powerful services:

5G is a lot faster than old networks

It has Lower latency – meaning lesser delay and interference in data transfer

Greater wireless power to allow more devices to connect on an IoT network

Greater opportunity for wireless connectivity

5G in Mobile Apps

1. Greater Speed

The high download speed will allow users to download any app ina few seconds irrespective of the App MB size. Apart from initial faster app install benefits, the 5G will allow quick loading of in-App information and a great chance for mobile marketers to make in-app monetization plans.

The higher download speed will also make users spend more time on the app thereby improving the mobile app engagement and retention rate to a huge extent. For entertainment apps who faces app uninstalls due to App slow streaming speed, 5G will remove the streaming lags.

2. Faster File Transfer

There are many apps that function on transfer of files, money, data from one device or account to another. With 1000 mbps speed, users will be able to speedier the file transfer. The 5G mobile apps will prove to be a boom for mobile app categories that are based on data or money transfer.

3. Media Rich User Experience

One of the greatest benefits of 5G technology is the clarity of the User Interfaces. Streaming or watching a video on a 2G, 3G or 4G network, then streaming the same over an LTE Network is noticeably different. Undoubtedly, the new 5G network will encourage developers to improve the app UI to a huge extent.

4. Low Latency

There is nothing more annoying than an app taking ages to load. Low Latency in an app economy fastens the data loading time thereby providing rich user experience. App-based companies will be able to offer more information to its users in less time.

5. Focus on Real-time data

5G in Apps foster real-time communication between devices, where millions of user data can be accessed real-time on-screen without any delay. This feature is highly useful for app categories based on real-time chat, video chat and other information transfer. The mobile app performance will be less dependent on the processing power of the hardware of mobile devices.

6. The Rise of Navigational Mobile Apps

A lot of Apps and chatbots use navigation access on devices to provide information related to store, place, city to users. 5G will contribute to to the growth of the tourism and On-demand Cab industry.

Now that we have given you a sneak into the benefits that your mobile app will get, let’s look into the industries that are most likely to be touched from this technological revolution 5G.

Industries That Are Going to Benefit from the 5G

1. Smart Cities Upgrading to 5G will allow cities to handle data from millions of devices like smart homes speakers and sensors. This will expand their ability to intelligently manage multiple businesses and various public services like traffic flow, air quality, power use, and public safety.

2. Automotive Driverless cars have been in the talk from a while. The automatic cars use sensors to function and to avoid accidents and minimize congestion. These sensors direct the car in traffic lights, road signs, and the pavement to navigate more safely. The automatic car needs responses instantly and that’s where 5G low latency network will help.

3. Healthcare Healthcare app development has provided a medium to healthcare professionals and doctors to monitor patient health remotely. But often they face challenges due to lack of speedy communication. Similarly, in wearable devices connected to medical apps require to capture user records and maintain the reports in real-time. 5G in healthcare will offer uninterrupted services.

Challenges Associated with Implementation of 5G in Mobile Apps

1. Security Issues With greater speed will come a greater increase in the number of connected devices and networks –this can create loopholes in security.

2. Multiple App Versions With 5G coming into practice, mobile app users will be divided in newer and older versions. It will become a challenge for app developers to create and maintain features for both as some users will be using 5G-enabled devices while other devices will be still running on 2G, 3G or 4G networks.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, 5G network with its amazing fast speed, zero network latency, and higher bandwidth will bring transition in the mobile app development arena. Not only it encourages developers to test new possibilities in the improvement of mobile apps but also it will benefit users in terms of user experience.

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