7 Reasons Why To Choose Cross-Platform For App Development

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Young or old, everybody has a smartphone today. Because of that, mobile applications have become a total must for modern businesses.The market of mobile devices is insanely diverse. Dozens of new smartphones and tablets are released every month. As a result, both mobile developers and business owners are faced with an increasing number of challenges related to mobile applications. With platform and device diversity ruling the mobile landscape, hybrid/cross-platform app development has emerged as a commercially viable option.

Why Go Cross Platform Way For App Development?

There are a number of reasons that have the world investing heavily in cross platform app development. Learn 7 benefits that encourage companies around the globe to invest in hybrid/cross-platform development services. Let’s have a look:-

  • Rapid App Development with Reduced Cost With users getting dispersed across multiple mobile platforms from Android and iOS to Windows Phone and BlackBerry and so on, it becomes essentials for an enterprise to invest in multiple mobile app development services. So this will only add to the existing mobility budget. Thankfully, cross platform app development frameworks like Cordova and PhoneGap provides a good remedy. The code developed for one platform can be used for other platforms as well. If you own an in-house team of developers it would help you to rapidly build the mobile apps compatible with different platforms. However, configuring the app build for the native platform requires a lot of skills. The native experience of Android, iOS or any other platform users shouldn’t be sacrificed. Spare few minutes to understand how this PhoneGap-based shopping app performs across Android and iOS.

  • Availability of Better Plugins Integration of plugins not just enables developers to add more features to an app by leveraging the features of the device, operating system, and other 3rd-party services but also speed up the process of mobile app development. As most of the cross platform app development frameworks like Apache Cordova are open source, they enjoy the support of a good deal of plugins to perform various functions. The demand of enterprises and their operations vary and so does the capability of cross platform development framework. Apps can be customized to a great extent by leveraging plugin libraries.

  • Reliable Development Framework Cross platform development frameworks comprise of HTML, CSS and JavaScript that can be integrated easily with any native OS platform. Apart from this, these web elements contribute significantly to the performance, stability and security factors of a built app. Interestingly, these determinants are pivotal for the success of any enterprise mobility solution.

  • Easy Integration Collaboration and communication can be enhanced by linking the app effectively with back-end databases and applications. Whether such apps or databases are hosted on an on-premise server or a cloud one, integration can be achieved effortlessly. This leads to centralization of data. There is a great symmetry about the coding that facilitates an exchange of information across different platforms.

  • Greater Audience Reach Instead of investing in a native app development approach where brands usually develop apps for one platform at a time when they go for cross platform app development, they get access to the thousands of audience that are present on both Android and iOS. This enables them to be accessible to both the platforms’ audiences at the same time, which automatically increase the app visibility and its revenue generating ability.

  • Uniform App Experience Using Cross Platform App Development, businesses can offer similar app experience to their users irrespective of what platform they are active on. An app that offers a different experience from one device to another is tagged as a cumbersome app in no time. Who wouldn’t want to flow in the same app movement irrespective of how many devices they have switched? This uniformity is the biggest perk that cross platform app development comes with.

  • Easier Implementation There are a number of technologies, these days, like PhoneGap and Appcelerator, offering a cross-platform solution that makes it easier for developers to make changes. For instance, when a tool like Appcelerator is being used, codes can easily be written in HTML5 and converted for different platforms. In other words, utilization of resources you already know about and translating them for different platforms.

Not only does this make development of apps quicker, it also becomes easier to sync updates across all mobile devices.

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