Choose an IT company for your app development

Choose an IT company for your app development

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Enterprise and small-medium businesses enable E-commerce using apps to reach out to a wide group of customers who use devices such as smartphones or computers. The business provides continuous value to customers by meeting their primary requirements such as an immersive shopping experience, reward programs and customer support. An app such as a mobile app is the front end for such services and is one of the most important aspects for these the businesses. App development companies specialize in building functional applications that can be mobile or desktop based. Hence it is of paramount importance that app development be done by an IT company effectively with continuous improvement for an engaging customer experience. Let us look at some important aspects to be considered to select an IT company that can develop an app for you. IT company selection criteria There are several IT app development companies who develop apps like mobile apps for smartphones or tablets catering to the requirements of your business. How do you decide a company that can execute an app development that can satisfy your business requirements within an allocated budget and timeline, which is robust and offers quality maintenance and support?

Let us investigate the key criteria that govern this decision-making process for your business.

Finding the right set of companies:

First, make a concise list of prominent app development companies. There are trustworthy company review websites and vendors who profile app development companies based on a range of factors such as customer feedback, experience, technology expertise and breadth of executed projects. You can search such websites or collaborate with vendors to obtain a list of the app development companies that best suit your requirements. You can then check for verified high-rated reviews for projects like your business requirements, study the reputation of the companies in the market through industry reports, or talk to clients who have already used their services. You could ask for references from the IT companies you may have shortlisted for this purpose.

Assess Portfolio:

Your business would have specific requirements for an E-commerce application that could be domain driven such as grocery shopping, an apparel e-store or online medical consultation service. You need to be sure that a shortlisted company understands your project domain and your product feature set, to create the app for your business. This means you need to get a deep understanding of the IT company’s portfolio on the breadth and depth of the projects they have executed till date. It is important to ensure that the company you assess for your requirements have had executed projects of a similar nature as your business. Further, it is needed to assess their portfolio to understand the breadth i.e., a variety of businesses to assess their adaptation to changing requirements.


It is vital to understand the methodology and transparency with which the company executes your project. This mainly covers the product development lifecycle model (such as an Agile Methodology) that the company follows, their quality assurance principles and regular transparent communication on the progress and challenges. Periodic checkpoint reviews and intermediate demonstrations of work done till date would help prompt action for change requests and corrections to ensure they build what you need.

Technology Expertise and Experience:

The company that you choose needs to clearly understand the features you want out of the app and map it to the right technology stack. For example, your business might need interactive apps with Augmented Reality. Or you might want the company to develop the app across platforms such as iOS and Android OS – based devices. The company should have the necessary technology expertise and experience to cater to any such pervasive requirements. The app team in the company should be able to align the features with the right technology framework, articulate benefits and explain the solution approach upfront to you.

Timely Delivery:

Your business has a time-to-market schedule. The app you need to be developed needs to fit into this schedule for your timely product launch. A proper project plan from the mobile app developer is hence a crucial factor. You need understand development and deliverable milestones and set expectations. It important to assess the project plan, ensure the company has the right resources and commit to the deliverables with a clear risk mitigation process. Checkpoint during the development process can then help in mitigating risks.

Maintenance and Support:

Once a company develops the app your business needs, the next aspect is support and maintenance. A developed app may have bugs that can be critical needing immediate resolution or does not offer a smooth customer consumption experience in User Interface that needs refinement. You can have a contract with the company for maintenance and support upfront before sanctioning the project to the company.


This is an important aspect that needs a deep look from the inception stage of your product requirements. Your budget assessment for the project can be based on affordability, experience, or in consultation with businesses that would have got similar apps developed. You will get quotations from companies that can range from ‘affordable’ to ‘very expensive’. You need to analyse the company brand, breakup of the quotation from companies with features and technology-centric association. You can then compare the quotes across the companies and assess an under-quote or over-quote followed by a detailed discussion with the companies you shortlist.

Selecting the right IT company for your requirements can appear to a daunting activity. With due diligence considering the factors explained above, you can narrow down to small list of trustworthy app development companies through iterative shortlisting. You will then be able to localize the right company given your budget that will assure you a timely market release and success to your business.

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