Braintree Subscription Payments for Reaction Commerce

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What Is Braintree?

It’s a PayPal service for Subscription/Recurring payments.

Braintree helps businesses of all sizes, from small to large enterprises, accept and process payments to help maximize business opportunities and revenue growth. Companies around the world benefit from the technology and support of Braintree coupled with the scale, backing, and confidence of partnering with a PayPal service.

What Is Reaction Commerce?

Reaction is a modern reactive, real-time event driven eCommerce platform. Reaction is built with JavaScript, Meteor , Node.js and works nicely with Docker.

What This Package Do

This Package adds a new option for the users of Reaction Commerce for making the subscription payments using Braintree. Users are able to make payments using Braintree Payment gateway.

Check the package at Github

Here Are The Steps To Setup The Package

In order to set up the braintree subscription plugin in your Reaction Commerce project, follow the given steps:

  • Create an account on Braintree Payments. After creating an account, you will get some credentials like Merchant ID: xxxxxxxxxxxx Public Key: xxxxxxxxxxxxx Private Key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Login to Braintree. and create a plan in Braintree.

  • Download the braintree subscription plugin from GitHub and put it in your reaction commerce project in imports/plugins/custom.

  • Run the command reaction reset.

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