A Complete Guide to Dating App Development

Dating App development guide

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The relationship economy has changed in terms of how people meet and court their potential partners. Before Dating Applications were up, people used to meet through personal advertisements in their area. Fast forward to 20s, The dating apps like Tinder, Bumble has made it easy to meet and date people from across boundaries who share similarity and compatibility. In fact, A survey stated that 93 out of 1,000 couples who are married were met through dating applications.

Over 190 million users are using dating apps in 2020 making the dating industry worth US$1,754 million. With the launch of 5G technology, the penetration of the internet will boost the dating app user base in the coming years.

If you fall into the league of budding entrepreneurs who want to benefit from the dating economy, then this blog is for you.

We will cover the algorithms behind dating apps, must-include features, Monetization models and its development cost.

Getting Started with Dating App Development

Dating apps involve getting social, thus, special attention is given to human interaction and meeting people of common interest. The dating app above all interesting feature facility must offer a smooth experience that let people interact uninterruptedly.

Before you jump into investing lump sum money in dating app development, it is important to understand the algorithms top apps like Tinder use to find a match for a user.

The Algorithms behind Dating App

Dating app users after putting their information search for partners who match with their interest. The first step of dating app development is to understand a wide range of matching techniques to help users find their match. Here are the algorithms used in dating apps. Let’s explore them.

Location-based Match:

People often look for partners who are situated in their city than moving on to a person who lives in a different continent. There are nice chances of date success as their social and cultural habits would match. Also, it is possible to plan an offline date with the one who lives near. So, dating apps tend to employ GPS and location settings in the match algorithms for users who wish to start communication with a person who is located near to them. The location algorithm provides a suggested list of users nearby and brief information about them.

Mathematical Match:

Another widely incorporated technology which dating apps use is the mathematical algorithm. The mathematical algorithm incorporates functions that connect users based on the similarities in the answers given in filling the set of questions. These algorithms calculate the compatibility percentage of answers given to each question. OkCupid is one such dating app that uses this algorithm to determine the compatibility of users.

Behaviour-based Match:

Question-based compatibility doesn’t guarantee the best-suited match for users. Thus, Dating apps like Tinder have incorporated Behavioural Algorithm. In the behavioural algorithm, it matches users based on their behaviour like Mr X is listening to a song which the other person likes. This could be based on activities performed by them or bringing the match through mutual connections. Dating Apps uses their social data like a few Instagram photos, mutual friends on Facebook or some other activity online. The dating app only collects subjective information from users. Nina is going to listen to Pop because she loves it and use it simply to match with the one who is on the same track.

Another important aspect that is crucial in dating apps is its feature. So let’s look at the features you must include in providing seamless user experience.

Must-Have Dating App Features

1. Social sign-in
 Dating App Login

It is often said Less is more. Users already find long signups an annoying thing to access an app. So, if they repeatedly have to put the credentials in signing in, they will uninstall or reduce the frequency of using the app. So, sign-in features using other social accounts is a must. This lets users easily register using their Facebook, Instagram or Twiter account and use the app to find their soulmate. This feature is also beneficial for apps based on behavioural algorithms. Social sign-in is also great for your app promotion. It allows users to share your service in social media.

2. User Profile
dating user profile

User Profile is the main basis through which other users learn about the person’s interest and hobbies. This allows them to match with the user who best matches their interest. App developers can include APIs that auto-fill information extracted from social networks for users. So, they don’t have to spend time in writing all by themselves. Other users in the proximity can read profiles of each other to understand better what an individual likes or dislikes.

3. User Match
User match

Dating Apps must define their algorithms to find a match. Developers include AI-based algorithms to start off smarter matches including all hobbies, location, age etc. Searching perfect soulmates becomes convenient and flexible, so users will quickly see potential candidates they can try to meet. Swipe Feature is most common in all dating applications. This feature let quickly filter out candidates by swiping right to match or swiping left to dislike. Include Search Functionalities with filters that allow users to search for the person based on either their name, age or other criteria that have about their profile.

4. Push Notifications
app push notifications

It is known Personalization improves user experience. Make sure you add real-time alerts and notifications that are based on the browsing history and the interest that has been defined by the person to find a match. Push notifications will alert users about the matches when they are away from the phone. Not just this, users can get alerts related to a new message they have received from that person. Push notifications only send important reminders and information that would keep the user engaged with the app.

5. Geo Location
dating setting location

When you are creating a dating app, it is very important to offer localized and personalized suggestions. Geo-Location let people choose the region where they want to find a partner. The location could in proximity i.e in a few kms or even in cross cities. Geolocation offers a local search of profiles based on interest or other profile criteria. GeoLocation let your app define suitable matches for the audience.

6. Private Chat
dating chat

Found a match? Next what? Users after finding a match like to initiate chat to get know each other better. So, your app must have a feature that allows them to have private chat security encrypted for safer conversations. Also, include GIFs and stickers to make chatting more fun for the audience.

7. Video Chat

Sometimes, people prefer to talk to the person online before they meet them up. The Video calling feature allows them to set up a video call and get an in-person like feel. It helps them understand the person better before they plan an actual in-person meetup. The live video chatting also allows the person to decide whether they want to take it further or not.

8. Profile and other privacy settings
dating profile settings
Block user setting

Profile and security settings let the user make adjustments according to their preferences. For instance, A user may not be interested in showing their location or age. So, the profile and privacy setting make the user do changes in their profile visibility. Include Block/Report user feature to help user block a person to stop receiving messages from someone they don’t want to interact.

9. In-App Purchases
In-app purchase dating app

In-App Purchases let you generate revenue through the app when the user purchases your premium services or other products. This feature let you monetize your app and let you provide more premium services to users.

10. Admin Panel

Admin dashboard let the app administrators manage user data, send notifications, run an in-app campaign, block users, solve other issues that may arrive. Admin panel gives complete control to the app admins to alter data, take insights and manage payments.

Monetizing the App

We’ve discussed quite a few times in our posts that there is no need to make the app paid on app stores. Audience prefers to try the app before making a purchase. In fact, which offer free services have better user base than the rest apps. So, it is always advisable to offer premium services in the app that are paid, which a user may like or not like to opt.

Let’s discuss the monetization models to generate revenue from the app:

Premium Model: Majority of the apps on App stores offer free services but some apps are premium. So, if you think you embed features that are amazingly superb to use, you can opt for the premium model.

Freemium: Big industry players like Tinder use freemium model to generate revenue. All basic services are free, premium services are available only to the customers who have paid for them.

Gifts: Integrated gift sending facilities can also be a viable revenue model. Gifts like flowers, chocolates and greeting cards can be provided for a fee.

Advertising: Advertising is a great way for app monetization. You can earn from companies who are advertising on the app and also from users who pay to restrict ads for seamless use. It can be a risk for dating apps as Users tend to be averse to repeated ads showing up and uninstall soon.

How much does it Cost to Develop a Dating App?

You would want to know dating app development cost if you are planning to invest in it. There are various factors inclusive that add up to development cost.

We’ve provided a break down based on the complexity of the app, features, Level of design (MVP, basic or polished), scalability, security and any specific requirement you might have and the developer fee.

standard development cost

We at Deligence Technologies charge developer fee =$20-$30. In case you are not willing to put huge money, we have developed a dating app called Hookup that costs $69 on Envato. You can get it customised for $430. So this would cost low for you to launch the app in market in less investment and in less time. Let us know if you are interested in Dating App Development or customization.

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