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Most of the businesses in today’s digital world across enterprises to small companies use mobile or web apps for their products. The goal of a business is to meet the exact needs of the customers with a smooth experience during the purchase of a product or a service. Let us delve into the two most important factors of a customer journey – User Experience and User Interface.

A User eXperience (UX) covers the important aspects of a user’s end-to-end interaction with the business for a product or a service. It defines how an end- user feels while using your app, presents the user with preferences, an elegant flow in the choices that the users desire, and a feeling of right decision making.

A User Interface (UI) is the point of interaction between the end-user and a product or a service through devices such as smartphones, desktops. An effective UI design accommodates the look, feel, and interactivity of an app consumed by a user. It is expected to ensure an intuitive flow, considering visual and interactive aspects with the right colour schemes, multiple display screens, meaningful icons, help and imagery.

Let us look at some important factors to remember when designing an app’s UI and UX.

UX Design Considerations

Easily Learnable and impressive: The primary goal of a UX is for the users to be able to accomplish the purpose they are using the app for. This should be an attempt to achieve ‘first impression giving a more-than-satisfactory, lasting impression’, with periodic improvisation. Building an experience hence involves upfront design thinking by your product management, sales, and technical teams collaboratively on the flow of tasks that a user performs.

Effectiveness and efficiency: Effectiveness can be achieved by a clear articulation of the goals for the experience. Your app can then be assessed against these goals. For example, a goal can be an effective search feature for desired products and related choices in an online shopping app, giving flexibility to the customers in their decision-making process. The app needs to be assessed against your goals to ensure its effectiveness through customer surveys and customer reviews, with data analytics on customer usage statistics. These can be variety or repeatability of purchases in an online shopping experience. It is equally important to understand how Efficient your app is. This can be assessed through factors such as effort in experience and time to navigate through the app. Techniques such as A/B/N testing maybe used wherein you may present a user with a trial app and gather feedback, comparing the current app UX with a proposed improvised one.

Credibility, Security and Privacy: Credibility relates to integrity and trustworthiness of the information on your offerings that a user desires on your app or website. For example, in an online shopping app, transparency in product information, price and honest reviews are what users desire. All your customer information that you record needs to be securely stored with no scope for leakage. Privacy is of equal importance wherein customer personal information should not be shared without consent.

Accessibility and Pleasure in app usage: There are several users spanning age groups and abilities. User requirements on how they desire to consume your app, aesthetics, and navigation play an important role. Accessibility aspects like as customizable font size for visibility, voice enabled queries or read-aloud options add tremendous value to a customer.

UI Design Considerations

With the above broad set of UX requirements, how should a User Interface look like?

Simple and effective navigation: The navigation through the app should be seamless and flexible aligning with the desired UX. For example, a user should be able to navigate smoothly through a process of search or category-based selection in an online shopping experience. Well-labelled control buttons, meaningful icons and a clear hierarchy make a significant impact on ease of use.

Visual impression: The app should present its features with well-positioned contextual information, pleasing colour combinations and guidance tips to a user. A cluttered set of elements or a simple set of choices without a flow and context could instantaneously discourage a user. Start with Wireframing as a minimum required design and evolve the UI for the set goals in an iterative manner.

Robustness and error handling: Anyone can make mistakes during usage. It could be erroneous typing, incorrect searches, or inadvertent attempts of unsupported flows. Users should be presented with the right tips on errors and guide them on resolution towards their desired solution.

*Intelligence: The app should attempt to understand user requirements by his broad choices and past selections and guide a user by presenting related information. This makes an experience smooth and memorable that aligns well to your business growth.

Pervasive deployment with the right technology choices: Users may use different devices for your app such as smartphones with different Operating Systems, or desktops through different browsers. The UI should be seamless and similar in terms of experience and usage with a platform-agnostic design. Use the right software technology stack that is known to be robust, responsive, and high performing.

Security and Privacy: Ensure that you host your app or website with a secure interface. Secure handling of sensitive customer details necessitates the design of the UI to effectively present the login screens with security measures, robust verification process and dynamic captchas to avoid malicious attempts that can disrupt an app’s robustness. Offer simple credential controls to the user making the experience less cumbersome if users forget their credentials.

Bottom Line

UX and UI are very critical for an effective customer experience through your offering be it a mobile app or a website. It presents your brand’s strength and assets as an intuitive, safe, and pleasing experience to customers. An effective and efficient user experience with the right user interface will make the customers’ journey memorable to them with positive emotions, and therefore a powerful enabler for your business.

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