7 Important Elements for the attractive eCommerce web development

7 Important Elements for the attractive eCommerce web development

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E-commerce has become an important component of strategy of several business domains. It enables acceleration of economic development while containing inflation through increased competition, cost savings and competitive customer choices.E-commerce is pervasive across start-up companies, small and medium-sized businesses and enterprise companies with online shopping and services experience.

With the advancement of digital technology and its proliferation across industries and our daily lives, people are connected to the internet for a significant time through smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Through such devices, e-commerce website is the front-end representing any business. E-commerce app development hence has an important role to play since an attractive and e-commerce website development helps in efficient business and consistent revenue growth as it attracts more customers.

Let us look into key elements of an e-commerce web development process that is attractive and offers value to customers.

User Friendly experience: The products or services that a business offers needs to have an attractiveand welcoming homepage with easy navigation, search, and a well-categorized interface. Features such as personalization based on user-choices, wish lists and authentic reviews encourages a customer in purchasing and the business in retaining the customer base.High-definition product images and in-context videos of products or services being perused, will help in engaging a customer to understand the product better and make informed decisions.

Mobile-friendly design: The rate of smartphone users has increased to a significant extent across the world. Businesses with e-commerce businesses need to avail this medium with a mobile friendly version of their online website. Technological aspects such as compatibility across multiple foundation technologies in smartphone systems (Operating Systems like Android and iOS), enablement of voice recognition, and virtual reality makes smartphones a lucrative medium to connect to customers.

Mobile Performance and Responsiveness: Timely response to user traversal of an e-commerce website content is very important to engage a customer whether they shop from the comfort of home, or on the go as they travel. Enabling context during momentary loss of internet connection, ease of payment supporting multiple options such as Net banking, Debit or Credit Cards and cash-on-delivery makes consumers feel comfortable with the choices of payment they prefer to use.

Call to Action (CTA): A CTA in an e-commerce web page makes it evident to users on the next steps in their purchase process. This paves the way to a smooth checkout and payment. These can be triggers such as additemstocart, clearly visible wishlist options and eye-catching value aspects like discounts and upcoming deals.

Pop-ups triggered by consumer behaviour: For an enhanced and complete experience to a customer, a web page can employ User Interface pop-ups such as special deals on the product range being browsed, idle time gentle reminders, and “are you missing something” list of products related to the already selected items. This engages a user and ensure completes in a purchase.

Product or Service Ratings and Reviews: It is important for a business to enable a customer to rate, and view existing ratings that are well categorized based on the product being sold. Reviews and feedback can effectively be used to improve products or services while ratings help customers make confident decisions and build trust in the business.

Website security: A customer provides Personal Identifiable data in e-commerce websites such as (1) name, address and mobile numbers during account creation (2) bank account or credit card details, for payment completion during checkout. E-commerce websites are a major target for cyber criminals to execute fraud. It is important to use technologies like Secure Socket Layer with digital certificates that encrypts data sent between a website server and consumer web browser and secures the communication. Adherence to industry compliance requirements for E-commerce website security is a must requirement. Technologies for Bot Detection Technology to eliminate online frauds and service interruptions is also equally important.

For all businesses, eCommerce app development is required to be done by professional and experienced designers to ensure a flourishing business. An experienced e-commerce app development company considers the essential elements above to develop a robust and attractive website. The construction of an efficient eCommerce websitewith these elements enables your business to market and sell your products or services with a well-trusted and engaging customer experience leading to a sustained growth in your business.

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